Calm and Peaceful Homemaking

Come along today for some Calm and Peaceful Homemaking inspiration.

What is a calm and peaceful home worth? The time we spend creating an environment worthy to be called peaceful is invaluable. With the constant state of turmoils in the world, I believe it is more important than ever to create such a place for ourselves and our loved ones to retreat too.

Ever think about the fact that we are the creators of our own little realities? Kind of neat right?

Inside each of our dwellings we decide every square inch of what goes into these spaces. From the decor style to how meal time is spent and even who enters our humble abodes. One undeniable fact is that we are the ultimate creators of it all whether it be good or bad. It all begins with us, the homemaker. At times we are in need of motivation, inspiration and even encouragement. I am right there with you. I hope you enjoy todays video and that it brings a bit of calm, peaceful homemaking inspiration into your day.

Though the world moves on at a quick pace, so I go into the home and make a life of calm contentedness.

On the list of things to be done, the first is getting this kitchen in order. It is so nice to have a clean kitchen, although it never lasts long.

There is almost always something simmering away on the stove top and today is no different. I started a fresh pot of bone broth which is something we have year round but especially so in the colder months.

It is a simple method really and a good habit to have is to save the bones from meals in a freezer bag. Then when ready, just take them straight from the freezer and pop them into a pot. I’ll put the recipe link below for you.

The lavender outside is going crazy with blooms so after a good mopping of the floor with my new steam mop. I decided to pop outside for a simple farmhouse style bouquet for the dinner table.

calm and peaceful homemaking with a bundle of lavender

Tonight I am making spaghetti with a meat sauce and garlic bread. An easy dinner to put together after a long day of cleaning. It has been a productive, calm and peaceful day spent at home.

“The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely.”

Louisa May Alcott

Thank you so much for joining me today. I will see you on the next video.

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