Hello there and welcome! I am Roxanna, and I am so grateful you are here!

I love sharing homemaking inspiration, simple recipes made from scratch, and writing about a simple lifestyle that we have grown to love.

You will even find natural handmade items for your home. Along with articles on gardening, and even a bit of home decor for all you lovers of old-world design.

Just a few years prior, I was a career-focused woman, newly widowed, and trying my best to maintain a balance between being the homemaker I had always been and the new breadwinner for our little family.

woman picking lavender in winter

All my daughter’s life until that point, I had been a stay-at-home mother and homemaker. Working long days and being away from our home was not something I was going to get used to. I got my real estate license shortly after and began taking her with me. In this way, I could be with her and earn the living we needed to support us.

Upon purchasing our little country home, I started cutting back on expenses and found myself changing. I desired something more than just earning a living and upgrading our things. I began working less, being able to be home more. Returning to the homemaker and mother as my first priority over work. It felt right where I had always belonged. We began doing things like growing food and flowers. Raising chickens and rabbits. I felt like myself again. The lady whose top priority was creating a beautiful and comforting home life only this time, it was richer.

I began to learn things like canning, sewing, and baking bread. Creating a simple lifestyle and having the ability to still be present with my daughter is something I am ever grateful for. Those hard years of grieving and working to purchase a new home were worth it. To end up in a place with a lifestyle that feeds my soul.

I want to encourage other homemakers to see the value in their work and to share with you the beauty in a simple life.

As I count them I am almost 20 years in as a homemaker. A role I have had a lifelong passion for. I love sharing things I have learned along the way with fellow homemakers all over the world.

summer homemaker creating a flower bouquet

Creating a place to find handmade natural items for the home and delicious simple from-scratch recipes and ways to elevate those ordinary days. Most importantly, to share my passion for life as a mother and as a homemaker myself. It has been the great work of my life to be a mother and to have created a nurturing home for my daughter to thrive in.

I hope you will find inspiration for this important work and see the value in it every day. Whether you have come here for a delicious recipe for dinner, to grab a few garden tips, or inspiration to fill your homemaking cup. I hope you will stick around and join our simple living community. There is so much more to come!

It is so good to have you!


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