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Sharing is Caring

Hi there. I am Roxanna.

I love sharing homemaking inspiration, our simple lifestyle, from-scratch recipes, and teaching others how to make natural handmade items for their homes.

I do my very best to create a sweet, simple lifestyle for me and my daughter to live out each day. Currently, we live on a small homestead in town on just under a third of an acre.

Though I call our home a city farmhouse, the property that it sits on is not the actual size of a farm. We live on just under 1/3 of an acre but this is a place where I grow food, and flowers and keep a flock of chickens. We also have rabbits and a big compost pile among lots of other homestead-type things. We do what we can to make use of this property.

I have always been a lifelong learner and as I learn new things, I want to share them all right here with you.

My hope for this blog is to help other homemakers find joy in their homes so they can thrive in their lives. To share with those who crave the simple life. Creating a place to find handmade natural items for the home and delicious from-scratch recipes made from simple whole ingredients. Most importantly, to share my passion for life as a mother and as a homemaker myself. It has been the great work of my life to be a mother and to have created a nurturing home for my daughter to thrive in.

I hope you will find inspiration for this important work and see the value in it every day. Whether you have come here for a delicious recipe for dinner, to grab a few garden tips, or to fill your homemaking cup. I hope you will stick around and join our simple living community. There is so much more to come!

It is so good to have you!


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Sharing is Caring

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