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Our Farmhouse in the City has a couple new additions too cute not to share.

If it were up to me, we would have packed up this house, sold it and headed to a small farm in a place like Kansas or somewhere out there in the midwest lands. Where I have a hunch people are friendlier, prices are better and the cost of living is not a small fortune.

 But alas my daughter is my partner. And although that may sound strange to anyone who’s never had a tragedy or gone through a life event with another person. For us, it makes sense. 

My daughter and I share life. It is our life. And like any partner, I tend to ask her before making momentous changes. The fact is, she loves our home. Our area and her school. She loves living a mile from her grandparents and 4 miles from her favorite cousins. So here we are. 

Here I am. 

It is not to say that  I am not happy here, I absolutely am. I feel blessed to be in a small pocket of California with a great home, a larger space than most on a quiet country-style street. It is our home. And here we have created quite a life. But the truth be told my heart is set on a farm and though this is not exactly a farm as size goes, I find that there is enough space here to create a small version of the one in my dreams. 

I also believe that God knows what it is we NEED and want before we do. 

So it is Spring time on our mini farm and with that comes many trips to the local tractor supply for things like chicken feed, bird netting, and the oh-so-needed pest control spray. As you may know, it also means the arrival of sweet baby chicks and ducks. Each time we enter the store the sound of them lures us over. 

With the desire to add to our little farm/homestead we both agreed, ducks would be a lovely addition. Their small webbed feet and fuzziness are hard to pass up.

I will give you a word of caution for those first time duck purchasers.

 The folks at the Tractor Supply are wonderful but they are not animal experts, they merely box up your birdies and send you on your way. 

On my first attempt to purchase ducks, I wound up with geese. I was told they were Pekin ducks but after a week of having those girls the beaks began to tell a different story.

Luckily I found a small farm for them quickly before that turned into a disaster. Ducks and geese are two very different animals. 

Getting it Right

Round 2 attempt I decided to go directly to a hatchery where I can not only know for certain the type of animal I am getting but the sex as well. 

On a homestead or any working farm really the animals contribute. On ours, it is no different. 

 I wanted two female Pekin ducks for eggs and for possible fertilizer. 

That is exactly what I got and they are lovely. 

Meet the newest additions to our city farm Miss Olive and Scooter. The cutest little duckies ever. I picked them up from the post office after ordering from a wonderful company called My Pet Chicken.com if you are interested in finding a great source yourself. 

two baby ducks walking on the grass of a farmhouse in the city
two baby ducks on the grass of a farmhouse in the city
girl and duck on a farmhouse in the city

Yes, can you believe it, you can actually order baby birds online and they are sent to your local post office for pick up. Who knew? Certainly not me. 

And with that, we have a very cute addition to our little farm in the city. 

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