Homemaking 101 For Beginners

In Homemaking 101 we are going back to the basics sharing the important aspects of homemaking from meal planning to keeping the right mindset.

I can remember back in my earlier days as a homemaker. I had no idea what I was in for. Where to begin, or how to go about things in a way that would garner sufficient results. Instead, I focused on the vase of flowers and the pretty things that I loved so much. Now pretty things have their place, don’t get me wrong. In fact, they are a pretty big deal to me even now. But what good is a pretty vase of flowers when the rest of the house is out of wack?

When you first begin there is so much that can overwhelm you that it hardly seems possible to get everything in order and still have dinner on the table each night. But as daunting as homemaking can be, it really comes down to creating and cultivating a plan that sticks. A plan that works well for your personality type.

In this Homemaking 101 For Beginners post, we will explore the crucial areas of a homemaker’s job. This will help you establish a plan or routine that will help you create the home you desire.

Meal Planning

I hate to say it, but meal planning is crucial. My disdain for it cost me years of annoyance and frustration. I refused to make my life easier by planning ahead meals for the week. Pretending that knowing what we would be eating ahead of time was somehow boring and unappealing. Or maybe I figured it was too difficult to add to everything else I had on my to-do list. But let me reassure you on this.

There is nothing complicated about taking out a note pad and jotting down the meals you plan to make and writing out your grocery list. You can even do this as you watch Netflix. I recommend doing this prior to your planned grocery run and if possible at the beginning of each week. This will help cultivate a habit worth keeping. One pro tip I must add here is to physically put the grocery list into your purse immediately after writing it. You will thank me later.


Cleaning is equally important as meal planning for a homemaker. As keeping our homes clean and tidy is a major aspect of managing a home. Nothing truly feels good in unkempt spaces. If you are anything like me, it even hinders my mood when I see messes or things piling up. But it is not as easy as it sounds. There’s deep cleaning, decluttering, and general tidying that are all a part of keeping up our homes. What is a homemaker to do to keep up with it all. Well she needs to have a plan of action to tackle it all.

Routine Vs. Schedule

This is where a good routine or a schedule will save you. I am not the scheduled type as I don’t like to plan my day out and stick to a set schedule. In my homemaking, I have opted for a routine. On this note, learn everything you need to know to create your own homemaking routine here. However, having a schedule or a routine is all about making time for each task necessary for your home to run efficiently.

It doesn’t have to be super rigid, i.e. the routine but having either the routine or schedule means you run on a plan. And with this plan, you will find the overwhelm is less and the joy in homemaking is easier to maintain. So create a routine that incorporates your duties or write out a schedule for yourself daily that does the same. Either way, you will be well on your way to productive days that you can feel proud of.

homemaker washing dishes


Laundry is one of those chores that you either absolutely hate or you might even enjoy. Either way, like most things on this list, it needs to be done. If you love it you likely have a solid plan for it. But if you don’t and I know that is quite a few of you. Create a plan of action. Whether that be a designated laundry day, or doing a load once per day to keep up with it.

It all works and no matter who you talk to one is always better than the other. So try them both and see what works best for your family. For me, it is a designated day as it is just the two of us here. So me doing two to three loads is sufficient for the week. If you have several children and a spouse you might find doing it little by little every single day works better. But in short, make laundry a part of your plan either in your daily routine or written on your schedule.

Pro tip: If you don’t enjoy laundry, try to make laundry enjoyable in some aspect. Invest in a pair of earbuds and make it time to listen to your favorite podcast, an audiobook or your favorite music.

Creating an Environment

Last but never least, creating an environment is a part of the homemaker’s aim. This is where you get to make your home your own. This one is all about bringing in the beauty whether that be a vase of flowers, a fresh tablecloth each week, or playing lovely soft music throughout the day. It is the decorating, arranging, and addition of personal comforts that you incorporate into your space. Things like baking cookies on Friday afternoons, having a special essential oil blend going or adding soft textiles to sitting areas.

This is all about little touches that add comfort, personal style and bits of beauty into our homes. Remember, cultivating a home is no small thing as these spaces need constant care but the absolute most fun is pouring our love into them. Making them uniquely our own and providing an environment for others to enjoy.

Learn my Top 5 Tips For Creating a Cozy Home if you need some help in this department.


Something that is so overlooked in this whole homemaking thing is our mindsets. Homemaking can be a lonely under-appreciated position at times. Making our mindset a priority of our day is really a form of self-care. As much as I love homemaking and find so much fulfillment in it, I still have my days.

I have found that it is vital to incorporate good habits into the day. Things like journaling, reading inspiring blogs, or quotes that motivate me. There is something so powerful about fixing our mindsets for the day first thing in the morning. So make sure this is a part of your day, specifically morning if possible. In fact, make it a part of your routine or schedule so that it is a priority.

Other Ideas For a Healthy Mindset

  • Taking a walk, especially in the morning
  • Read the bible, pray
  • Keep a gratitude journal or write down what you are grateful each morning
  • Meditate
  • Say affirmations out loud
  • Reward yourself- create little things to look forward to after tasks you don’t necessarily enjoy (a piece of chocolate, a cup of tea, looking at a beautiful book)
  • Listen to encouraging podcasts
  • Wear a pretty dress
  • Get dressed everyday
  • Make your bed each morning


Today we have touched on the basics of homemaking in this Homemaking 101 post which I hope you find helpful in creating a plan that works for you. If you are looking for something a bit more in depth on these topics. I invite you to check out my Back To Basics Homemaking Workbook Ebook!

In this workbook, I deep dive and explain a simple pillar system that elaborates more on these areas. Covering topics such as having a filing system, ways to bring beauty in, and creating a household budget, plus more! Included in this ebook are some printable worksheets for creating a routine, a monthly budget and a weekly meal plan. My hope is that this workbook serves as a guide to help you in each area of your home.

With tips, suggestions, and a personal perspective, it is a workbook that is sure to help.

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