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The Comforts of Home brings you along for a few days of homemaking where I share some ways I like to make our home more comfortable. While also sharing my heart for home.

This week I took the camera around with me on a few separate days just to show different parts of my week as a homemaker. Parts I think really contribute to the idea of creating a comfortable home.

baking ingredients on a table

There is nothing extraordinary in any of these things however, I believe there is something beautiful about ordinary moments. In the things, we do to make our homes our own and the intention behind those actions. I hope you enjoy today’s video and that it inspires you in your own home.

a cake on a white plate for comforts

Life Here

This week school has begun for us and naturally, this throws off anything I need to get done around the house. I am a little behind on a few things that need my attention. Watering the house plants is something I easily get behind on. Mine are overgrown needing to be re-staked and some even repotted. With not much time between lessons, I can’t manage to re-pot anything so a good watering and re-staking will have to do.

a lady caring for her plants

In the dining room, I have a small buffet table that was my grandmother’s and I feel so fortunate to have a few of her pieces in my home. She also used it to house her linens and tableware. On top, I like to keep a few things for quick breakfasts or snacks for school days. This week I grabbed fruit and croissants.

I have a load of towels washing so while I am in the kitchen area I decided to get rid of all the leftover bread. I have several random bread ends and leftover loaves that I save in the freezer. When I have enough I like to dry them out in the oven and then pop it into the food processor to make bread crumbs.

Adding Touches of Luxury

Now that the towels are dried I am going to get these folded and then it’s time clean the bathroom, again. This summer we took a small ocean trip and stayed in an air bnb. My daughter kept commenting on the fluffy extra large hotel-style white towels the air bnb host had in the bathroom for us. I decided to pick some up to have that experience at home. I have to say, they actually do make shower time feel more luxurious.

It’s incredible what little touches of luxury can do to our days.

Cozy Cooking

Mealtime is always special for me. Not just because I enjoy cooking. But I think it’s more of the opportunity to provide a form of comfort in a day. To create a bit of beauty by setting the table. Or just lighting a candle. If you aren’t used to setting your table for dinner, I encourage you to try it just once. It can enhance even the most humblest of meals.

I am making mushroom risotto. I add butter or olive oil to the pot to heat and then brown the mushrooms with some sea salt and thyme. In another pot I am heating some homemade vegetable stock I made just yesterday. When you make risotto you want to make sure your stock is hot before adding it to the rice.

Which you add just one ladle at a time too. I stir the rice and mushrooms while the stock adsorbs into the rice. Then add another ladle. Doing the same each time. I add a cup of fresh grated parmesan after turning off the heat and a little butter. To plate, I use white bowls and top it with a little more parmesan.

a bowl of mushroom risotto

To the world, it might appear that I am merely a woman cleaning her home. Or cooking yet another meal. That would be a correct assumption. However, at the same time, those that do this work know it is the intention behind these acts that make it so powerful.

So yes, you may be watching a woman cleaning her home or cooking a meal, but you are also watching someone led by love with the intention of creating a comforting space for others to enjoy.

To live a life that blesses others is no small thing.

And if you find yourself ever discouraged in your home, doing these ordinary tasks. Might you remember your intention and the love behind it.

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