Meals Made From Pantry Staples

These Meals Made From Pantry Staples are delicious and also a good choice for a vegetarian dinner.

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We have all been there. Those busy days that more often than not occur when the groceries are running low. Through all the busyness of life, one thing is for sure, we still need to make dinner. It is almost daunting to think of all the dinners that will need to be made every day of our lives isn’t it?

I have been caught without a plan more then once but if you keep a well-stocked pantry it really is no problem to make an entire meal straight from pantry staples. Though this isn’t ideal it is nice to be able to whip out a meal without having to stop everything and run to the store.

Now if you caught my post on Stocking a Pantry to Cook from Scratch, you know that I include cold items on the pantry staple list. Things like butter, cream, milk, and eggs. Today I am sharing a few meals that come straight from pantry staples and are easy to make up with little time.

Tomato Basil Soup Recipe with Chive Biscuits

1- 28 oz can of tomatoes (whole, crushed or diced)

1 tsp sea salt

1 tbsp flour

1/2 cup heavy cream

1 tbsp butter

1 to 2 tbsp dried basil or 1/2 cup of fresh basil


Make a rue in a stock pot by melting the butter and sprinkling it in the flour. Allow it to cook for just a few seconds and then add in your can of tomatoes. Add the salt, and herbs, then using a hand blender or regular blender (if not using crushed tomatoes) blend until smooth. Finish the soup off with heavy cream.

Chive Biscuits

Chive biscuits pair perfectly with creamy tomato soup and are so simple to make. Their buttery onion flavor is delicious. But if you don’t have any dried or fresh chives on hand, you can easily omit the chives altogether to make a tasty butter biscuit.

Crockpot Macaroni and Cheese

A creamy classic macaroni and cheese. The only difference here is that by using a crockpot literally cuts your work in half and still provides a delicious macaroni for either lunch or dinner.

crockpot macaroni and cheese for a pantry meal

Taco Salads

This one might seem like an odd idea to include in a post on pantry staple meals however, there are endless variations on this. Rather this one is more of a meal idea than an actual recipe. The basis of any taco salad is, of course, tortilla chips, salsa, and veggies if you have them. If you caught the video I explained that I use just about any type of veggie I have whether it’s grilled onions, bell peppers, or any sort of squash I can find.

But this is a pantry meal idea so if fresh veggies are not an option, no problem. You can make an entirely “pantry” taco salad by taking a can of beans placing them in a pot, and adding in a tbsp of cumin and two minced garlic cloves. Allow the beans to simmer for a few minutes.

Plate the tortilla chips, add the beans, salsa, sliced olives sour cream and shredded cheese. If you have jarred red bell peppers, that is a nice addition to this pantry-style taco salad. I also add my fermented sauerkraut to the top of all my taco salads for a healthy probiotic and to add a bit more flavor.

The variations of a taco salad are endless. So be creative and use what you have on hand to make a tasty taco salad style meal straight from pantry staples.

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