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Sharing some simple tips for embracing a simple life that you can do anywhere you live. Join me today while I sew seeds, bake, and get the laundry done. I hope you enjoy todays video and post.

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The Days To Do List

Today I am working in the garden getting the last bed planted for spring and I will be inside doing some baking. Weeding beds and adding nutrients to the soil. I have some bokashi compost and rabbit droppings to toss into the mix. Other beds need new dirt as they are brand new and freshly lined with weed tarp.

garden bed slow living

This bed will be spring onions and beets. I try to do as much companion planting as possible. I have read that beets and onions are good companions, and I am hoping that is true.

Before too long this space will be a massive garden and this year I have told myself I am going to be my best gardener. I hope I can hold to that when the heat comes. Only time will tell if this holds true.

The Simple Life

It’s Friday and I try to make something special since we are ending the week and heading into the weekend. Fridays are special days around here so I am making a strawberry pie for the afternoon.

A few weeks ago I mentioned my desire to go after a simple life.

I thought today, I would share a bit more about this beautiful lifestyle I have come to love and how you can really embrace it anywhere you live.

Baking a pie from scratch in a pretty dress and wearing an apron while doing it. There is something so special and feminine about all of it. The apron represents so much itself and wearing them takes me to another time while being completely practical of course.

woman holding a strawberry pie for simple living

Allowing the quiet moments to come. Working and just enjoying the sound of whatever it is you are doing. It is almost like meditating to focus on the sound of life without any distractions like a tv or podcast.

rolling out dough for a pie for simple living

Embracing a simple life is in many way, appreciating the old ways of doing things. Like tending a garden, cooking your meals from scratch and even hanging our clothes out of on the line to dry.

a garden showing the simple life

There is something so nostalgic and sweet about it. Hearing the birds chirp and being in the sunshine. Just taking a moment to feel peaceful while doing something like laundry is a great way to appreciate the little things in life.

chickens at a city farmhouse for simple living

Having a flock of chickens has enhanced our lives here. Collecting their eggs each day and hearing them clucking around our property, it’s such a charming aesthetic.

“The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.

—  Paulo Coelho

While there are so many ways to live more simply, at the core of it, it is the desire to appreciate the little things about life each day and to take life at a slower pace.

two ladies eating strawberry pie embracing a simple life

For more ways of embracing a simple life no matter where you live. Be sure to check out my post 10 Ways to Live the Simple Farmhouse Life and if you missed it My Journey to a Simple Life.

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strawberry pie and women embracing the simple lifestyle looking out her country window

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