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Cozy Baking

The rain has come to greet us and I could not be happier for it. I love the sound of it on the windows, and the dim light it brings into the home. The earthy smell it gives off and the overall coziness of being tucked away inside. I even made sure that homemaking was my priority for today as there is nothing more comforting than the sound of rainfall while I am busy about the house.

Baking is of course the first on the list of these homemaking comforts. I decided on these Healthy Lemon and Blueberry Muffins.

Healthy because I have added some flaxseed to the flour and also because I am baking with raw honey as opposed to white sugar. Baking with honey offers a wonderful richness that I can never get with standard sugar.

a candle and tin of muffins on a countertop

Home Care

Whenever the seasons begin to change, I feel the need to give the home a little extra attention. Maybe it’s the anticipation of a new energy seasonal change brings. Or it’s just plain excitement for the season ahead. Whatever it is, I love fall and right now I want to make sure everything has gotten a good wipe down before I change over any decor or bring anything new in.

It’s a basic thing, but cleaning is powerful in its own right. We forget that at times and think we ought to revive a space with something new. However, I would argue that nothing makes my home feel more pleasing than when freshly cleaned.

This little area of the dining room is really just a nook of its own. It’s my bar cart where I normally store my wine, candles, and any extra things for the table. Its been looking pretty messy and could use a clean-up while I am at it. Tossing away candle stubs well past their prime and finally trashing dried flower bundles too old to hold their shape. Suddenly, the space feels spiffy, not bad for an afternoon of cleaning.

I can’t exactly call a room spiffy without accepting the tedious but necessary job of dusting my little copper collection that hangs from the dining room wall. It can get pretty dusty in a space like this. I like to wipe it down with my natural all-purpose cleaner. Not technically any sort of specialty cleaner but almost instantly the copper is shiny once more. Giving an instant boost to the room.

I like to focus on areas of my home instead of trying to tackle the whole house at once. This way I can maintain it easier and it’s much more manageable for me. This is especially the case with dusting. Our home is filled with thrifted antiques which can acquire dust quite quickly. As much as I love the concept of minimalism, it is not something I exactly practice. Maybe one day, when the dusting gets to be too much, I will reconsider.

homemaker dusting her house

For now, dusting keeps its place on my homemaking cleaning schedule and the dust is at bay, at least for a little while anyway.

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