Journey to a Simple Life

Our Journey to a Simple Life was a step towards the unknown and one that I hope inspires you in your own life. With that, I hope you also enjoy today’s video.

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Where It Started

Two things I know for sure. I trust myself and I need to be with this person (my daughter). It wasn’t long ago that I decided to shift things a bit for us. I began desiring something different. A quieter style of living. And it was hard to put into words at the time but anyone around me could see I was changing. I had no way to make them understand.

I could only continue to work towards it, towards those feelings. So I began cutting back on work and saying no to the excess of life. And after buying this property set on a country-style road I began a lifestyle that I had never known before.

New Beginnings

I began gardening for the first time in my life. Learning things like using a sourdough starter and how to care for honey bees. When the chickens were placed in the back corner of the yard, the idea of a farm began. Friends stopped calling as much, but the true ones have stayed.

These were all small steps to creating a brand new life for us.

two baby ducks on a lawn of a farmhouse in the city

I let the busyness of the old life fall away and what was left over was more substantial and meaningful then I could ever have dreamed.

The truth about any changes or decisions we make in life is that we won’t be able to see whats at the top of the staircase let alone all the steps to get there. The most we can hope for is that we are brave enough to take the first step forward.

“I want to live simply, to work honestly, to love completely and to dare mightily so that when I die my children and their children will know that I died empty and well satisfied”

― Doug Robinson

Though this simple life we live each day might not seem appealing or even make sense. It is the result of trusting myself on that first step towards an intentional life. I hope that my words encourage you to lead the life you dream of.

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