Mini Home Reset | Homemade Pesto

Today we are doing a Mini Home Reset and getting it done along with making some homemade pesto. Join me for a day of putting things right.

What is a Mini Home Reset? You might be asking. Well, it’s basically going about the home in an all-business-type fashion. Finding the clutter, tidying spaces, and making sure that everything is in the right place. I hope today’s quick clean and mini home reset motivate you to get it all done.

But first, there’s a more pressing issue…

But First, Pesto

We are in for some rain today. There is a chill in the air and the sweaters have made their way back into our closets. I am headed out to the garden to grab the last of the basil for the season. A last-minute change to the cleaning I had planned to start the day with. Now a top priority, I can’t risk the basil getting ruined from the cold. I have a ton still growing and I will be making pesto from it. It’s a simple plant to harvest and one of my very favorite herbs to grow.

Today the home feels quiet. With the rain clouds overhead the house is dim and needs some brightening up. A candle while cooking creates the most beautiful soft glow in the kitchen while working.

Making pesto is simple. It consists of basil, olive oil, nuts, a bit of cheese, some salt and I like to add a squeeze of lemon.

Fresh pesto freezes well and I love having pesto on hand to add to soups, salmon, and of course pasta dishes. These will taste great in the middle of winter when there are no fresh herbs to speak of. Today’s large batch will be for the freezer. You can find my link for homemade pesto here.


With the basil taken care of, it’s time to take down Halloween and get into the spirit of Thanksgiving.

I have had most of these decorations since my daughter was very small and putting them up each year feels as much like a tradition as the sentimental ornaments on our Christmas tree at this point. The truth is, they aren’t my favorite to put up, but she gets so excited when I bring the box out that it’s worth keeping them.

Each season that comes there seems to be a need to reset the home. To get everything back in order. As the year goes on, new clutter builds up on the homeschool shelves or decor that is overdue for taking down and there will always be new dust to wipe away. Taking care of these things regularly are truly the things that keep a home maintained.

Homemade Cleaners & Stovetop Potpourri

As you might already know, I tend to like making our own natural cleaners. This all-purpose cleaner I am making is great for dusting and it is one I use throughout our home for various cleaning jobs. It’s so simple to make and it’s completely non-toxic.

One thing about a reset is having a nice scent in the house while I clean. I am going to make a simple stovetop potpourri that will fill the air with a nice clean smell. This one is lemon, rosemary, and a couple of drops of pine essential oil. A perfect clean scent for today’s reset.

a homemade stovetop potpourri for the smell

Wipe Down Surfaces

I love days like this when I can take my time to go through the house and sort it all out. Putting away any out-of-place items and wiping down the surfaces.

Resetting a home really just means putting things right. At the end of it I always feel satisfied with my day. To put things back in order honestly feels like therapy in its own way. All the surfaces in our main living area needed a good wipe down after the decluttering.

Our homeschool shelf houses everything from art supplies to our daily books and it also has a built-in desk. This piece is another one that I received that was my grandmother’s. She used to sit at the little desk and pay her bills. Being a homeschool shelf it can get cluttered if I don’t keep up with it. Little bits of garbage or random catch-alls are found here. I like to clear it completely off and give it a good wipe-down. Then place whatever belongs here back on the shelf while putting away the rest.

One book in particular that sits on our shelf is a book I got a few years back. It’s called Connoisseur Kids. Written by Jennifer L. Scott of the Daily Connoisseur. It’s an excellent book on manners and etiquette made specifically for kids. It’s been a great book that has brought about lots of discussion around our dinner table over the last couple years of since having bought it. I think it’s worth mentioning as manners today seem to be becoming rarer as time goes on.

The sun has popped back out and so I am gonna pop back outside to cut a few zinnias from the garden. This small arrangement for the living area will finish off this Mini Home Reset nicely.

Dinner Time

For dinner tonight I am making a cozy chicken pot pie. A dish that is perfect for the cold weather outside. It’s not a recipe to hit the blog just yet but here is one made with a delicious biscuit topping, it’s a Skillet Chicken Pot Pie.

The filling comes together quickly. I begin by simmering a chicken breast in a pot with sea salt, water, and cracked black pepper. While the chicken simmers away, I chop up the veggies. I sauté them in a large skillet, then make gravy with the juices from the chicken. After shredding the chicken, I add that to the skillet. Now it’s time to put our pie together and bake.

After a long day of cleaning and putting things right. It’s finally time to sit and relax. Thank you so much for joining me on this Mini Home Reset. I hope you have enjoyed your time here.

Have a wonderful week ahead.


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