A Typical Day of Homemaking

Join me for A Typical Day Of Homemaking while I clean the floors, make beeswax candles and spend time in the kitchen.

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A typical day of a homemaker might vary from homemaker to homemaker. Tasks are prioritized differently for each of us, however, at the end of any day. We seem to all strive for the same result. A well-running home where the people are fed and the house is cozy.

It is a goal that seems reasonable enough. Yet, many of us find ourselves in need of inspiration, motivation, and dare I say it, support. These days there are not many full-time homemakers let alone people who understand that this is a career all its own.

Whether you work outside the home or are a full-time homemaker. The concept of homemaking is often thought of as a secondary thing in our lives. Yet homemaking is a calling.

A passion to create this space well and care for others in it. It has been my priority over any job I have ever held. When asked the question of what sort of work it is that I do. My first response has always been mother and homemaker. It is my first love, my life’s work. Anything outside of this has been secondary for me.

So I hope that in this little corner of the internet, you find that inspiration, motivation, and support for your work as a homemaker. You are in good company and if no one has told you today, your work is valuable.

Let’s begin the day.

The Start of a Homemaking Day

Today is a busy day starting off at the horse ranch for my daughter’s riding lessons. We come here once a week and during the summer the lesson needs to be scheduled earlier in the morning because it’s been so hot.

With such an early riding lesson, we skipped breakfast and are now having a brunch-style lunch. I am making a Simple Spinach Farmhouse Frittata. A simple delicious skillet-style breakfast that is packed with potatoes, spinach, and cheese. I often use this recipe for brunches as it is easy to make and something everyone loves.

a spinach frittata in a skillet for homemaking


Every day there is something that needs cleaning aside from the usual kitchen stuff like dishes. Today it’s the floors that I am going to focus on. They need to be both vacuumed in some areas and mopped in others.

Cleaning the floors tends to take me quite a while since most of our house is wood floors. I not only sweep and mop those but need to clean each rug too. It’s a process that I reserve for days that I can spend a couple of hours on it.

Today just so happens to be that day. It is not so typical of a homemaking day that I would spend this kind of time on any one project. But what is, is the idea of finding areas within our home to continuously clean weekly. I find focusing on one rather than several at a time is much more efficient in the long run.

Homemaking Projects

A typical day of homemaking doesn’t always include time for projects. However, the weather will be cooling down for fall soon. I am wanting to make a few extra beeswax candles. They are my favorite type of candle to burn and today I am making a votive-style candle with a little essential oil for scent. These are very simple to make and actually clean the air in the area it’s burned.

beeswax in a double boiler melting

You can use any type of glass container you’d like and today I have a few odd ones I found around the house to use.

making beeswax candles for the home

I decided to add a little grapefruit in but even if you don’t add essential oil, I like the earthy scent of the beeswax when it burns. So it s definitely not necessary.

a candle lit on a table

You probably realize by now that I am obsessed with flowers and on the way home from the riding lessons I stopped off for some flowers for the table.

flower bouquets for the home

I grabbed these beautiful orange roses. I am going to make two bouquets. One for the living room and one for the dining table.

a couch and living room area tidied up from homemaking

Flowers bring so much life to a space and I really like having them in the seating areas of our home.

Tonights Menu

For dinner tonight, I am making salmon salads. This one is just a standard salad I make for days when I am not really in the mood to cook. It takes just a few minutes to put together and I like having these individual salmon filets on hand for quick meals. I use dried cranberries, mixed greens, feta, and chopped pecans. All tossed together with olive oil, salt, and pepper. I place the salmon right over and serve. It’s a perfect blend of flavors, and crunch that goes well with the salmon.

a table set for dinner by a homemaker

As usual, I set the table as I find it really does set the tone for the meal. No matter what I am serving.

“When you find joy in doing all tasks including those which are mundane, your life becomes more beautiful.”

Margo Vader

Thank you so much for joining me today. I really do hope you enjoy your time here with me and that it inspires you in your homemaking and in your day.

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