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Joy in Everyday Living offers a glimpse at a few beautiful moments captured in homemaking and discusses the idea of choosing joy. I hope you take a few moments to enjoy today’s video. May it help inspire you to choose joy in your homemaking.

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Final Days of Summer

We are on the last days of summer. It has been incredibly hot here. Long days of heat and dryness that don’t seem to have an end in sight. The plants have begun to dry out from the heat and as much as I try to water them. They still die off.

It is the sign of the final days of summer here in northern California. I have begun saving their seeds for spring and pulling out their dry lifeless bodies. I have hope that new seeds will sprout in their place giving us a final show before fall comes. But it’s too early to tell yet if the seeds will take.

This year’s garden hasn’t been what I planned for. As it often goes. I have pulled many unproductive plants and restarted them. Only to have the second round be unsuccessful. I find that the true kinship of gardeners must lay in our high tolerance for failure and unwavering sense of perseverance. What looks like death, is another opportunity for new life to grow.

garden bed with plants that provides joy

Even the beets seem inadequate. Some are rather large while others almost too small to eat. Clearing the beds reminds me that there is always tomorrow. A chance to start over and begin again. So as I cut away the leaves for the chickens. I feel a sense of accomplishment and gratitude for what’s been given.

beets and carrots from the garden for everyday living

Almost daily we have been cooling off in the pool. The water feels cool and refreshing against the hot summer sun. Although difficult to sit and seemingly do nothing with so many things needing my attention. I realize those things will always be there. And these moments of swimming in a summer pool with my daughter at home. Won’t be. A bittersweet truth that drives my days.

What I am Cooking

What can we do but make them joyful and good in all ways that are possible?

Today it’s fresh pasta and pesto for lunch after a swim. The kitchen is filled with flour dust on the surfaces and the sound of a cranking pasta press. I pay no mind to the mess as the end result is delicious homemade pasta well worth the effort. If you have never made pasta before, I encourage you to try it just once.

fresh pasta on a baking sheet for everyday living
two bowls of fresh pasta

Choosing Joy

I often think about life and our response to it. Where does our true strength lay? Is it in the day-to-day efforts we choose to find joy? Regardless of the circumstance. Perhaps so. Through tragedy, it was finding something to still smile about. and small attainable goals to work toward.

I know there is beauty in daily living. Moments when life can be too beautiful for words and others too painful to bear. In the grit and loveliness of it all. Somehow there is a choice for all of us.

To seek out the joy in the day or wallow in the mundane work ahead of us.

a table set for dinner for joy in everyday living

It is my hope, that today you find yourself choosing to seek joy in the ordinary. And grace for yourself when not.

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homemaking washing dishes

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