Slow Living Fall Day At Home

Come along for a Slow Living Fall Day at Home. I will be doing lots of fall baking, adding small touches of Christmas decor, and making the Easiest Beeswax Taper Candles.

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The Slow Paced Life

The ability to take in life and spend the day doing simple things around one’s home is an underrated gift. Things that offer joy and spark a sense of well-being are what create immense feelings of gratitude in everyday moments.

These slow quiet mornings feel like blessings. With no need to rush out the door, I can spend some time in the kitchen. Today it’s to make a loaf of sourdough for breakfast.

Something that I have noticed about living a slower-paced lifestyle is moments like these. Which brings about a sense of presence that become little highlights throughout the day.

Noticing the feel of the dough in my hands, and the smell of it as I work. A simple pleasure that I might not have otherwise noticed before, I notice now. Without a second thought, my eyes immediately gravitate towards an overall feeling of calm contentedness.

Modern-day life seems to dull the senses. There is sort of a feeling of being in a trance. Quickly moving from one thing to the next. Something most of us struggle with. I want more of this. The feeling of life and the ability to notice the beauty in each moment of it. Things like tasting fresh bread from the oven. Or the sound of walking over leaves. While feeling the brisk air and the warmth of the sunshine.

On days like this suddenly the chores aren’t so dreadful.

“The real gift of gratitude is the more grateful you are, the more present you become.”

Robert Holden.

These quoted words I find to be quite true.

Christmas Touches

With Christmas just around the corner, I am slowly adding new bits of decor. These beautiful red berries are for the kitchen. I am going to place them in vases and use the rest to decorate the floating shelves above our sink.

I love adding the touches of bright red in here for the Christmas season. It’s a small subtle way to add some Christmas flair without over-cluttering.

With keeping the candles constantly burning in the fall. I need to make a new batch of beeswax tapers for the table. These are the easiest beeswax taper candles to make. They make great homemade gifts so I like to make extra when making a batch of them.

The beeswax sheets allow me to wrap the wick without having to heat the beeswax at all. Their honeycomb pattern is beautiful in the tapers.

When gifting, I like to bundle them in threes and place a ribbon around them. I sometimes add a gift tag to the ribbon but it’s not necessary since the candles remain visible. It’s a simple but lovely way to present them.

Fall Baking

Now let’s make a cake for no reason. I am making a chocolate walnut loaf-style cake to have with our tea time for today.

Honestly, is there anything homier feeling than making a homemade cake? I for one don’t believe there is. Standing in my kitchen with the beautiful peaks of sunshine pouring into the window. Ready with my apron on, I blend the mixture and crack eggs into a lovely bowl. It is a tranquil scene that feels as calming as it sounds.

woman holding a chocolate cake

This cake is perfect with a warm cup of Homemade Easy Chai Tea. A spicy, creamy Indian tea I like making on cold fall days. Placing a pot simmering on the stovetop as I set the table to serve. A simple setting of a cloth napkin and placemat.

chai tea in a saucepan

Afternoon tea is a daily event in our home and one that I look forward to each afternoon. Even if just for a few minutes. I try to set the table in some fashion to create a bit of formality to it. I suppose it makes me think of the English and how I admire the importance they place on this daily ritual.

To sit and enjoy a warm cup of tea along with a beautiful book is a highlight on any given day. It is especially so on this beautiful chilly fall day.

It has been a lovely slow-living fall day at home and I am so glad to have you along.

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