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Fall Night Routine

In today’s video and post, I am sharing my Fall Night Routine with you. From cooking, to what I am reading and even my skincare routine.

Enjoy The Video Version

I find myself wondering about what others do to recharge, prepare and be present in their lives. I know seeing ideas and parts of other people’s worlds can be an inspiration and a great motivator for me. Running a blog and Youtube channel I certainly get asked about this sort of thing often. I thought this week I would share with you a peek into my night routine as it is during fall.

Certain parts of my night routine change depending on the season. However, I do have some general things to do each evening no matter what day of the week or time of year for that matter. While other things I tend to switch up as I make way for new self-improvements, goals, and whatever else life throws at me. I hope you enjoy this peak into my fall night routine.

Where it Begins

The first one is making dinner. I like to have dinner on the table between 5:30-6. Tonight we are having some Sourdough Dinner Rolls and a Creamy Mushroom Soup with Herbs.

a cutting board with chopped herbs

With the nights cooling off I can finally turn on the oven again and enjoy the windows open.

Cooking is my favorite homemaking task. I try my best to have fresh ingredients in the fridge at all times and an idea of what I want to make. In this way, I can avoid the stress of not knowing what to make and instead focus on my time in the kitchen creating it. Often this is easier said than done.

a table set for dinner

Putting The Kitchen To Bed

After dinner is finished, I always clean the table and the kitchen for the night. This is one of the most important things to do in my night routine no matter what time of year. It sets the tone for the next day since it allows me to start each day with a freshly cleaned kitchen. Having this one thing as part of my evening routine to do no matter what has helped me be so much more efficient as a homemaker.

Each time I clean my cast iron skillets, I pat them dry and rub them down well with oil. Lately, I have been using beef tallow and that has worked amazingly well to keep them nonstick.

cast iron cookware

Once the kitchen is cleaned, I sort of straighten up anything that needs to be put right. Often that is the living room since this is our main living space. I have to tell you, that these drop cloth no sew couch covers have held up nicely. I’ll link the tutorial where I showed how I did this. It has been a great alternative to buying a new couch.

Tea Time

After everything is cleaned up, it’s time to make a cup of tea. I have been enjoying green tea in the evening. Since it’s after dinner, I don’t put anything in my tea as I do intermittent fasting.

a woman sitting and writing with tea

During this time of year, something I like to do is sit down and reflect on the day of what got done along with anything that didn’t. I write a list for the next day that I can start with, in the morning. The first is usually anything that spilled over from the day before. This includes things for my daughter, our household, the blog, and youtube. Everything goes on the list. I like to leave the page open to the list on my desk where I begin each morning.

Nightly Reading

I began recently attempting to read through the entire bible. I found this list online for reading through the bible in one year by doing 15 minutes a day. So far it’s made this much more doable and I like that it gives me direction on where to start. So since the start of school, this is something I am doing as part of my evening routine.

a woman having tea and reading


I do my skincare routine before winding down and relaxing completely. I do oil washing for my face wash which provides a wonderful natural way to both cleanse and moisturize my skin. If you are interested in a great weekly natural facial and skincare care routine, be sure to check out this video natural skincare routine. I share not just my daily but weekly skincare routine.

a woman doing her skincare night routine

Quality Time

Each night, I like to try to spend some extra time with my daughter. Sometimes we play a game, just sit and talk or read. Tonight, she asked to watch a movie. We love to watch old movies together and since it’s fall and Halloween is coming up, we are going through all the Alfred Hitchcock movies. Tonight it’s Rear Window. I am going to refill my tea and make hot chocolate for my daughter. I use milk, cocoa powder, vanilla, and honey for the hot cocoa.

mother and daughter watching a movie at night

Thank you so much for joining me today, I hope you have enjoyed today’s Fall Night Routine video and post.

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a woman writing as part of a night routine

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