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Getting Dressed Goes A Long Way| Easter Sunday

Sharing is Caring

It’s Easter Eve, if that’s even a thing. I have some cute surprises planned for my daughter to make the day as extra as I can as not even a quarantine  can get me down. 

I hope this blog post finds you in a similar mindset and that you’re able to make the most of the beautiful day ahead. 

As you can imagine, I have been reading tons of books that otherwise may have taken a little longer to read. One such book has me very inspired to put my best foot forward every single day not just on work days.

 (That book is Jennifer L. Scotts, Lessons from Madame Chic for anyone interested.)

So each morning I am rising, taking the time to do my hair, a bit of makeup and dress in my good clothes even though we won’t be going anywhere further than our yard for now.

At first the idea of being inside my house wearing actual clothes struck me as odd. I mean how can that be comfortable? And better yet, who’s the maniac wearing a nice dress while she folds laundry?

I can honestly say, me, I am that maniac.

Another bit of growth has me in my late 30’s suddenly realizing that when you mature as a woman, you understand the importance of wearing comfortable clothing. So while I am wearing a dress standing over my laundry pile, you can bet it’s a comfortable one. 

As I decided to go through my closets this past week, I am sure many of you find yourself doing this as well during these times. I had to laugh at some of the ridiculous items I pulled out of my closet. Thigh high boots, 4 inch heels, torn jeans, and yes many items with the tags still on them.

 I know, it’s a sad shame when we do this. It’s literally money wasted and there’s the tag staring at you with the amount thrown away. And where in god’s name am I going in a thigh high boot? I can tell you I went nowhere in those things. Absolutely nowhere. They sat in my closet for three years.

But there it is, this strange phenomenon that all women seem to be guilty of.

My guess is this occurs as we try to grow and find our own personal styles. We think buying something on trend is in order. When in most cases you go to put on that trendy number and don’t feel the least bit comfortable in it. So you don’t wear it. Then you have nothing to wear again. UGH!

It’s a constant battle until you do find your signature style. Then getting dressed is fun and makes you feel good. 

But ladies, we need to think comfort when selecting items otherwise its torture to wear them and chances are you wont wear them often.So why bother?

But going back to my original reason behind this post. 

This whole idea of getting yourself ready for the day even when you’ve got nowhere to go. After doing this for several weeks now, I can attest that this changes the day, the mood and brings a sense of normalcy to each day.

Simply, it makes me feel good.

It’s so important to care for yourself, and I encourage you to give it a go. 

If you do I would love to hear from you and what your thoughts were on it.

Have a wonderful Easter everyone!!

Be Well,


Sharing is Caring

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