Getting Dressed Goes a Long Way

Getting Dressed Goes a Long Way is a discussion on the idea of getting dressed daily in quarantine or not.

It’s Easter Eve if that’s even a thing. I have some cute surprises planned for my daughter to make the day as memorable as I can even in quarantine. I hope this blog post finds you in a similar mindset and that you’re able to make the most of the beautiful day ahead. 

As you can imagine, I have been reading tons of books that otherwise may have taken a little longer to read. If it weren’t for quarantine.

One such book has me very inspired to put my best foot forward every single day. Not just on work days but every day. That book is Lessons from Madame Chic. A book that will have you deep diving into your daily presentation. I suppose the reasoning behind this is to focus on something I can control. Everything else for the moment seems out of any normal control we have.

Maybe I will emerge from quarantine better, more polished, and refined. That wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Creating New Habits

So each morning I am rising, taking the time to do my hair. A bit of makeup and dress in my good clothes. Even though we won’t be going anywhere further than our yard for now.

At first the idea of being inside my house wearing actual clothes struck me as odd. I mean how can that be comfortable? And better yet, who’s the maniac wearing a nice dress while she folds laundry?

I can honestly say, I have morphed into this maniac.

Without regret. I am realizing and not soon enough, the idea of comfort. I find that as you mature as a woman, you understand the importance of wearing comfortable clothing. Not just stylish ones.

So while I am wearing a dress standing over my laundry pile, you can bet it’s a comfortable one. 

As I pull the piles of still-tagged clothing and heels that were always too high to be worn long from my closet. I am dumbfounded by the decision to purchase such items in the first place. Where did we learn that being comfortable meant you weren’t stylish? And how in the world have we bought into the notion that style should ever equal discomfort?

Of course, this idea is completely untrue as I have found several pieces of comfortable clothing that feel great to wear.

So as the world continues to shock us with the daily on-slot of bad news. I can at the very least say, I can say I was dressed and ready for the day.

Happy Easter to you!

Be Well,


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