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I am old fashioned. Well that’s probably obvious in my posts so I didn’t really need to open with that. But I didn’t realize just  how old fashioned I was until pretty recently. It has become sort of my life’s slogan. From how I raise my daughter, to how I keep my home and really how I go about my day to day.

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Our Life

 We live on an urban farm which is just a modern way of saying a mini farm in the city. This third of an acre farm keeps me pretty busy most days so  I can’t really say I would like more land. It’s perfect for us because it has just the right amount of space to house some small animals, us and even a pool to help us deal with the heat of summer.

Today I wanted to touch on something I get asked ALOT and I think it’s important. That is, how do I turn off the world. Or rather, how do we live without being influenced by the outside world? I wasn’t always turned away from it. In fact, quite the opposite. I used to think that working hard, being successful, having the money to buy anything was the most important thing you could want for your life.

 The daily “hustle” was were I spent most days. Once I dropped my daughter to school, it was game on for me. I went to work with a crazed desire for more. Often motivating others to do the same and yet now, I almost wish I could apologize for being any sort of influence in this manner. 

Life is not to be lived in this way. We are creatures of nature and love. Not ones that need to “grind” daily in search of more material items or achievements we want to measure ourselves against others with. Those will never bring real fulfillment. If you are one to stay with your children or you find yourself having tons of time with friends as a priority, I want to encourage you to be proud of that. That is time well spent.


Yes, we need money to pay for life so work is important. But time is worth its weight in gold. In order to get more time, you need to work less  and you can do this by spending less. You would be astonished to find how much you can actually live without now. Whether that’s eating out less often, or riding yourself of memberships, cable, buying a cheaper car and the list goes on from here. But you get the idea if your one who wants more time.  

This world can be a SHALLOW place comprised of a lot of people who place judgement on one another simply to feel better about themselves. I don’t mean this in a depressing way, Just in a realistic sense.Once you truly realize that this is all a show put on by humans trying to find an identity for themselves, the importance of it becomes insignificant. 

The Real Value of Time

 I want people to understand that what we often see as happy people on social media are often facades put on by people pretending. And when we don’t measure up, we get down on ourselves. I don’t want to purchase clothes, cars, fill my face with botox or be nice all the time for people to accept me. If you are around people who like these things about you, you need to seek further for more meaningful relationships. 

My time is what I value most these days. And so I spend it where I think it matters most, with my daughter. When I am not working, I am here, in our home. Yes I occasionally leave the nest to run errands of course but all my extra time is primarily with her. It is what matters most to me now. She is at my side in the garden and at the table for her schooling. This is  time well spent. 

I also like to spend it with good friends and my sisters. I have lost lots of “close” friends when my life changed. I tend to make people come to me, but I reward them by busting out a meal and some wine for their travels. I love good conversations, fun games and lots of laughs over a nice meal with wine. What could be better?


I had less people around my table as time went on and they found I was no longer this motivating worker bee type person in fancy clothes, people looked at me differently. I know longer cared to sit in rooms totally consumed by material talk and the “ how to get more”  discussions that often go on in sales offices.

 I felt a little distanced and even alone at times. But that was short lived once I realized that God was sending me down a new path where  I would meet new people and have deeper connections.  The value of quality over quantity is real especially when it comes to the people we allow in our lives.

We truly are the makers of our own world. Perception is EVERYTHING. When people say the world is bad, remember that yours doesn’t have to be. Who you surround yourself with, what you feed your mind every day  and how you live determines your experience here.

Not what others are doing around you, let them carry on. You simply don’t need to participate or concern yourself with things you don’t value.Find what you value, and fill your life with more of it DAILY. It will be time well spent. 


Sharing is Caring

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