The Value of Simple Living

Sharing the Value Of Simple Living and what the result can mean for those seeking to lead a simpler lifestyle.

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I often think about the concept of simple living. With so many things written on the topic there is no shortage of information. On occasion, I find myself scrolling through different articles that many times are written from the author’s heart or from a place of wisdom. Each time I read one, it seems to further solidify my desire for leading a simple life.

I have written several blog posts on the topic myself. One, in particular, you might be interested in is Simple Living Explained. In this post, I deep dive into what simple living means and give tips for those trying to simplify their lives.

Today, I want to talk about the value of living a simple life. The actual fruit of such an endeavor. After all, what good is explaining simple living if we don’t also mention the result of it?

Many go right for the practical side of things like what you own or the home you live in. Simplifying in the budget department in hopes of acquiring more time or a slower-paced lifestyle. Indeed, reducing bills and monthly obligations can lead to less stress in our lives. Yet I have found there is much more that happens to us when we begin the process of simplification. Even in the most practical of senses.

At first, this idea may seem trivial, after all, it is just a budget. But for most of us, we have been fed a steady diet of success, money, and hustle images since childhood. It can be deeply rooted to our sense of purpose. Naturally, dialing back from the hustle mindset will mean having a bit less of everything. At first this can feel like a sting to your identity. A lowering of self in some form. However, the seekers of simple lives are after something much more meaningful. Stepping forward into a new frame of mind and out of society’s standard of success.

Redefining Success

What does success mean to you? Something we ought to ask ourselves. Since many of us have grown up with the notion that money and material possessions are equated to importance. In this journey, we will need to redefine exactly what this looks like. Many of us find that time is the ultimate goal and a calm existence is worth having in our lives.

After several years myself, I have come to realize that my success was tied to my home life and the value I give to my daughter each day by being present. Having given up on a lucrative career to start another business entirely. One where I could be home daily working when the day allowed and not living when work allowed. One of the most valuable things you will find when you begin to live simply is finding your answer to this very question.

When we begin to chip away at the busyness of an old life and start to focus on everyday details instead. Something remarkable begins to take place.


I believe we are currently facing a time when people have a desire to get back to their roots.

As human beings, we are drawn to certain activities in our day that in modern times are almost nonexistent. It was never more astoundingly clear that something was missing from most of our lives than in 2020. When we were forced to step away from our busy lives and be still. Somewhere peaking in at us was the reality that something had been out of balance the whole time. But we were too busy to see it. Something had occurred to me then as it does now. Modern-day living can be a very unnatural way to live.

We are constantly bombarded by sights, images, and information throughout the day. Most of which are screens. We carry a screen in our pockets that at times can feel like there is no getting away from. Many of us, wouldn’t dare be without this device. What does it feel like to not update anyone about your day or walk without notification and just be? For many, this can be a foreign thought.

Living With Intention

What happens when we step back from these things and replace them with things we can see and feel? Like a home garden, or a project? Learning to cook or sew or perhaps bake bread?

The ability to be creative, to work with our hands. To be around the natural world. Even if it is just in the backyard. Sticking your hands into the soil. Plucking your first home-grown vegetable and understanding that this process was somehow meant for you. The deep satisfaction and appreciation for cooking something you grew is invaluable. Or cooking anything straight from scratch.

To live a life that values time not only for oneself but for those we care about most. To get up each day without the rush to be anywhere. The ability to sit quietly and just ponder on a thought seems lost on us in these times. What the world claims have no value I am finding seems to have added the most value to my own life.

Finding Value

So just where does the value really lie? Was it in the budget? Or the idea of having more time? Likely both.

But more so, it is in the continual habit of noticing the small pleasures around us every day. It is thanking God for those moments and therefore being closer to our maker. Allowing for the creation of habits that lend themselves to a deeper sense of gratitude in us on a daily basis.

Try as I may, it is hard to escape the noise completely. The world is so loud at times and there is so much vying for our attention.

Yet, there is tremendous value in the attempt. It can be as small as sitting with people and giving your full attention to them instead of glancing at your phone. Making time for quiet contemplation. Not allowing your schedule to be so full that your home is neglected.

I have noticed my personal relationships are more involved. I have less of them as you will find that when you change your lifestyle, it will likely bring about a change in the people interested in being around you. This is not a bad thing. The old notion of quality over quantity rings truest here. True friends can be hard to find but when found they are gems to be treasured.

Wherever you are at in this journey, I hope you experience the value of simple living.

I am glad you stopped by.


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