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Easy Elegant Dinner Party Menu

Today I want to share a few recipes for an Easy Elegant Dinner Party Menu.

Hosting a dinner party can be stressful. Especially if you have never done it before. I promise you it doesn’t have to be. So many times we get caught up in the planning but today I want to share with you a few recipes that I make when wanting to keep it simple but still elegant.

The first thing you will want to do is plan your guest list. Second is to figure out if there are any food allergies or vegetarians in the group as this will determine the menu. What to serve has probably killed more dinner parties than anything else. Once the guest lists and allergies are considered. It is time to decide on the meal and how you will execute your menu with ease.

Today I have two meals that you can serve for a vegetarian option or a simple delicious meat dish to serve. No dinner party is complete or elegant without a beautiful dessert. So I am also including a simple but elegant dessert that will wow your guests and have you serving it up with ease.

If you are interested in hosting a larger event like Thanksgiving, be sure to check out my tips in the post Best 10 Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving as the tips I share there work for any large function year round. For now let’s focus on our Easy Elegant Dinner Party Menu.

Pasta Tossed in a Light Cream Sauce Recipe

1 cup good olive oil

1 cup plain yogurt

1/3 cup fresh Flat Leaf Italian Parsley

1 tsp salt

2 cloves of garlic

1 lb package of spaghetti or linguine pasta

1 lemon


Whisk together the yogurt, olive oil, add about half the herbs. . Zest the lemon into the bowl and cut it in half and squeeze half the lemon juices into the sauce (about 1 tbsp). Smash the garlic cloves and rough chop them. Add them to the sauce with a pinch of salt. Mix well. Allow it to sit while the pasta cooks. As it sits the garlic will flavor the sauce quite a bit. In a large stock pot, cook pasta according to package directions.

To Serve

I like to serve this pasta individually in a beautiful bowl. However, serving it family style in a lovely large serving bowl is also a great alternative.

Roasted Salmon with Mango Salsa Recipe

salmon filets

coconut oil

salt and pepper to taste

spring mix

olive oil to dress

Mango Salsa

1 large mango

1 lime

2 tbsp red onion

1/4 cup cilantro



Begin by making the salsa. Cut up the mango into small bits. Dice the onion, chop the cilantro and mix together with the mango in a bowl. Sprinkle some salt in and cut open the lime to squeeze its juices into the bowl. Mix well, then taste to make sure it has enough salt. Add more if needed. The salsa will get more flavorful as it sits. So be sure to make it ahead of time and keep fresh in a covered bowl in the fridge.

When you are ready to serve, pop into the kitchen. Preheat the oven to 425℉/218 ℃. Heat a pan with a tbsp of coconut oil. Salt and pepper the salmon. Then add it to the pan to cook for just about 1 minute then pop it into the oven to cook for approximately 12-15 minutes depending on the thickness of your filets. Salmon is cooked when the thickest part of the filet is at 145℉/63℃.

To serve, place filets in the center of a bed of spring mix. Spoon a generous amount of salsa over the filet. Then drizzle some olive oil over the spring mix to dress it lightly. Serve immediately.

Poached Pears in Red Wine Sauce

These Poached Pears in Red Sauce are delicious both on their own or served with a bit of vanilla ice cream. Click the link for the full recipe with step by step instructions.

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