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Looking Presentable as a Homemaker | The Art of Homemaking Vlog

This weeks The Art of Homemaking post we dive into the idea of Looking Presentable as a Homemaker.

Welcome back. In Last weeks episode of The Art of Homemaking, I spoke about the word, preparation. This week I have a new word to ponder on.

At first glance it might be one you sneer at. But I find it important as it has impacted my homemaking and my growth as a women in many ways.


Presentable is defined as, being in a condition to be seen.

As homemakers we often strive to make our homes presentable. And just as often, we can forget ourselves in that equation.

I want to discuss with you the idea about looking presentable at all times.

What if we met the day ready? What does that mean for us? To look presentable. If each day we took just a moment to ready ourselves for the day. Not considering if we are leaving the house or if anyone in particular is coming by?

How might this change us for the better?

Getting dressed every day is a daily discipline that makes us feel different. Some might argue it makes us more productive.

One thing I know for sure is the daily glances in the mirrors I pass throughout the day equate to something. Whether good or bad.

How my daughter sees me is relevant.

How she remembers me, is significant.

I don’t want her to remember a disheveled mom.

The reality is, how I see myself is sufficient enough reason to ensure I like my reflection.

I am not speaking in terms of vanity. But the idea of presenting the best version of ourselves in our daily lives. After all as a homemaker we set the tone for the entire household.

Think about this, if you held a position anywhere outside your home. Surely you would arrive at that job each day hair combed, outfit on and maybe a bit of makeup too.

You would be presentable.

So this week, let us consider the idea of dressing as if homemaking were a position. Showing up ready each day wearing something that says, I am dressed for the day. And what I am doing matters.

Helen Keller Wrote “I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.”

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