How To Serve Afternoon Tea At Home

In today’s blog post I am sharing How To Serve Afternoon Tea At Home as well as a couple of recipes for your menu.

cucumber sandwiches for afternoon tea

Afternoon tea has a long history and certainly, someone else is more qualified to tell you than I. Rather I do have an immense appreciation for the occasion. I have been serving afternoon tea in my home since my daughter was very small. Although not every day, I try to do this monthly for us. Her eyes always light up when she enters the room and sees the beautiful display. I like to treat us even if it is just for an afternoon at home.

We do very untraditionally at times, substitute a tea in place of lunch or dinner making it a bit more American of us. However, I like to keep the traditions of tea time where they count. The presentation, teas served, and of course the menu. Today I have created yet another afternoon tea in our home and I want to take you along for it. Showing you two delicious and traditional foods to serve. Alongside a mock mimosa for the kids or if you just don’t want to have alcohol at your tea.

scones on a plate for afternoon tea

What To Serve At An Afternoon Tea

We begin in the kitchen creating our tasty dishes. I like to have at least two options one savory and one sweet when hosting a tea but it is best to have a few tarts or different sweet treats to choose from. The two I am suggesting today are no strangers to the tea table and are likely found on lists of top foods to serve for afternoon teas.

The first I want to share is a scone recipe. Today I made blueberry but you can swap the blueberries out for any berries you love. The link for the scones is a Raspberry Scone Recipe posted on the blog that I simply swapped out blueberries for.

Make sure to sift your ingredients when making scones and use cold butter. You can grab the full recipe for my scones here. In addition to scones, I always make my cucumber sandwiches for tea. They are so delicious and a real crowd-pleaser. They are also simple to make and lovely when placed on a tea tower.

Setting The Afternoon Tea Table

To set the table, I keep it classic with a white linen tablecloth. If you have ever been to an afternoon tea at a tea shop, you know white is the classic choice. It is crisp and brightens up the whole table.

Next, chargers are placed on the table, then we will work around them. Carefully place candles and a simple bouquet in the center of the table. You never want to use an over-the-top floral arrangement in the center of a tea table. It will likely block the view between guests and certainly will disrupt the flow of the conversation. For flatware, a simple knife and spoon will do as finger foods are normally served for this occasion.

Ensure your guests have all they need with a teacup, a glass of water, and a lovely cocktail. Today I made mock mimosas that consist of just sparkling water and orange juice. This makes a fantastic substitute for a regular mimosa if serving children or wanting to keep your tea alcohol-free. Pour the same amount of sparkling water as you would champagne and fill it with orange juice.

serving afternoon tea at home

When serving scones have jam and a bit of clotted cream to serve alongside. This Mock Clotted Cream Recipe from All Recipes is a great one to try or you can do the real thing at specialty shops.

serving afternoon tea

Next, the focus is on the tea itself. Making sure to serve a nice tea that everyone loves. Today I am serving Earl Grey but In the Garden, Moroccan Mint, or even Sunrise Tea are great teas to try. You can opt to serve more than one type of tea as many tea rooms do. Make sure your guests are given the option of sliced lemons, cream, and sugar.

Lastly, place your food in easily accessible areas of the table. The tea should be ready to serve as well and be within reach of your guests. As the host, it is also nice to pour the first cup of tea for your guest to make them feel welcome.

Afternoon tea served at home can bring in a bit of elegance to a regular day at home while spoiling the people you care about. I hope you are inspired to serve afternoon tea in your home and that my tips help you do just that.

Trust me, it is definitely worth the effort to serve an afternoon tea at home.

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