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Sharing is Caring


Each day begins the same, only with the tiniest of changes brought on by the passing of time. I am up early with the help of my dog who routinely paces my bedroom floor to let me know he’s ready to go out. His clicking paws are too much to ignore for long and so I am up. Now it is fall here so the opening of the back door is met with a freezing cold air soon to be mixed with rain that I am not looking forward to. I arrive at the back of my property and hear the chickens clucking impatiently wanting the coop door open. All at once I have the little hurd at my feet wanting the food I have brought. Once fed, I head back to the house and its the dogs turn for breakfast which he knows all too well. The much needed coffee gets brewed, and the house is quiet now.

This is my time to write, read, or just sit in the quiet. It is my favorite time of day. A time that feels me with gratitude for this beautiful life. The day ahead is mixed with homeschool activities, gardening, cooking, cleaning, real estate and writing. It’s usually a full day, but a good one. I remember a time not so long ago when my life was much more chaotic and stressful. We had all sorts of financial and personal issues that seemed to come out of nowhere. I felt overburdened most days, a feeling I don’t  back. I stopped dreaming, and I settled into a life of living on auto-pilot and problem solving mode.

The craziest thing about life is that it can change instantly where the life we once knew so well is suddenly stopped and takes on new direction often without asking us first. Life does not wait for us to be ready simply because it knows that time will never come. One thing is certain, we humans don’t like change, we get comfortable , form habits and fear being set off from what we have grown to know. All too often it seems our decisions have nothing to do with real happiness but only comfort that we seek. And so life dares to push you from these places. Many times its through tragedy or a loss of some kind that was required for you to grow and force you to act .

If you are strong enough to push past these hard moments you will find an inner strength and gratitude for life that somehow wasn’t there before. I was married then to my daughters father, David. The change that lead us here to this place we are today had shattered our lives in an instant. I will one day write about that but in the hopes of keeping this a lighter post, it won’t be today. I mention it only for those that go through tough moments now and need a bit of encouragement. I want it to be clear that we got through a storm that completely tore apart our lives but it planted us in a new place, here writing this filled with gratitude even for that time.

One thing that I know for sure is that you have to appreciate the hard places you find yourself in even when it means the death of a loved one. So whatever position you find yourself as you read this I want to encourage you to dream. Even of small things. Write them down, feel them, imagine them happening for you in your minds eye. Take small steps towards them daily if you can. Allow yourself to feel the fear of those steps as you take them  but decide to do them anyway. Dreams need to be tended too. Don’t wait to be pushed by life or even worse, don’t let them die with you. I dream of a beautiful garden that feeds us, completing my cookbook and continuing to live the simple life as much as possible. What do you dream of?


Sharing is Caring

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