Perspective and Scripture on Motherhood

Today I want to discuss perspective and scripture on motherhood for a bit of encouragement.

What can I say that hasn’t already been said about motherhood? As many of you know the daily work mode of this role doesn’t have an off switch. No matter how many children you have or how old they are, there is always a person in need of you. Sure the older they get, the less hands on care they may require however, your children will look to you in all phases of life. But this isn’t a “woes is me the mother” style posts. Quite the contrary. Scripture says many things on the role of motherhood. One comes to mind.

Children are a blessing! “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is his reward.”- Psalm 127:3

This absolute truth hits hard when you’ve been up all night with a sick child or when you feel overwhelmed. Lets face it, the life of a mother is often thankless. There are few moments in a day that are solely for you. You work around the clock, making meals, planning, cleaning and caring. Often these tasks go unnoticed. I had this thought today while cleaning my third sink load of dishes. This was also after having been the one to make the meal too.

I would like to mention that it’s not that I can’t ask for help. I can and do at times.

But frankly I don’t always want it. It is not about help or work load for that matter.

Just the realization that this work comes with the territory. I don’t mean this in a martyr sort of way.

Hear me out.

It is certain these small tasks are part of the job requirement of keeping a home for your loved ones. However, I realize they will not always be mine to do.

It is a privilege to care for children. It is also temporary.

One day I won’t have a child asking whats for dinner on a random Tuesday. I won’t have these extra dishes to stand here and wash.

This sweet and beautiful chapter of our life together will one day come to an end.

When I stand at the sink, at times, this is what comes to mind. It feels me with a desire to capture all of these fleeting moments. The ability to pour our love into another person every day, that is the incredible gift given.

That is the reward. This is a service we have been called to do. I think daily our perspective needs attention. So that our eyes see the blessing and not the burden the world wants us to see.

As I stood there after scrubbing the pots and wiping the stove top, I took a look around at the home I had created for us. I felt a great sense of pride and a deep satisfaction that only the work of motherhood has ever given me. I encourage you to take moments in your day to look around at the work you have done in your own home. To intentionally recognize the home that’s been created from your hard work and love.

To honor yourself and see through the hard moments.

Because those too are temporary.

It is a full work load that is designed to make us better people, better women and comes with the cherished title of mother.

Remember that the grandeur of life is not found out there on some trip or great adventure. It is here. It is now.

These are the precious moments of life.

So what if we have dishpan hands.


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