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Sharing is Caring

Children are a blessing! “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.”. Psalm 127:3

The life of a mother is often thankless. There are few moments in a day that are solely for you. You work around the clock, making meals, planning, cleaning and caring. Often these tasks go unnoticed. I had this thought today while cleaning my third sink load of dishes. This was also after having been the one to make the meal too.

For the record, I would like to mention that it’s not that I can’t ask for help or frankly that I don’t want it. It is not about help or work load for that matter.

Just the realization that this work comes with the territory.

Not only are these small tasks part of the job requirement of motherhood in keeping a home for your loved ones but they will not always be mine to do.

It is a privilege to care for children.

Of course when she is out of the house, this will not absolve me of washing dishes or making dinners rather. Yet one day it will be done, that I do them for her. That the meal is not for us but decidely for myself.

I know there will be Sunday dinners and occasions where she is over and I am just her mama as we are now. For those moments I will want to stop time and soak in all that there is to tending to my daughter. To pour my love into her through care, and a good meal.

I stood there after scrubbing the pots and wiping the stove top, took a look around at the home I had created for us. I felt a great sense of pride and a deep satisfaction that only the work of motherhood has ever given me.

For now, I am knee deep in these times. These times of meals, snuggles, schooling, and home life. Right now I cherish these days more than anything I have ever had or will have for that matter.

These are the precious moments of my life.

So what if I have dishpan hands.


Sharing is Caring

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