Spring at Our California Homestead

Come along as we welcome Spring at Our California Homestead and share with you some of the best highlights of the season and what life is like here.

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Somewhere between the last bits of rain and the bright morning peaks of sunshine that kiss the landscape. There is a slow excitement building as spring has finally arrived. The seed catalogs have long been out and slowly the windowsill begins to fill with the plant starts for the season ahead.

It won’t be long until their green foliage breaks through the dirt in search of sunlight. There is talk of baby chicks and garden walks that result in heavy weeding along the way. Spring bears new life, possibilities, agreeable weather and the first bits of fresh food to be savored. This is an exceptional time of year.

There is rejuvenated life everywhere we turn. Bird song fills the air and the sunshine is warm and balmy.

It makes sense to hang the clothes on the line once again. Standing outdoors in the spring elements is inviting and intoxicating.

With all the rain we have had and days spent inside. I decided to make our favorite summer strawberry pie early this year to enjoy after an outdoor lunch as tomorrow calls for temps warm enough to finally sit outside to dine. This is a pie that I make every year when the weather warms up. It tastes like summer and although it is not exactly a hot summer day, in California, the sunshine

woman rolling out pie dough

The Highlights of Spring

It seems that every year, I need to hang a new line for the wash. After spending so much time indoors, hanging the laundry on the line is inviting. This is especially so, on these golden days when everything is bursting to life.

sheets drying on a clothesline

Garden herbs are abundant here come early spring. They are the very first offerings from the garden and with that, they are the first to be harvested. I find jars of fresh herbs just as beautiful as any floral bouquet.

They are whimsical, and aromatic, and bring a lovely display of greenery wherever they are placed. Clipping them for jams jars or to fill my bud vases is something I look forward to. But today I am clipping much more than needed as these bouquets will be used as new plants to surround the patio after they root in the water.

jars of herbs

I am hoping that overcrowding the patio area with mint, will help reduce the flies and mosquitoes and if not, it will add much more greenery to enjoy.

Eating outside is definitely a highlight. The weather is perfect, and there seem to be fewer flies to contend than there will be come summer.

With proper planning and a little vision, it is possible to create a lovely outdoor seating area for dining al fresco. The months caught between winter’s chill and summer’s baking sun are the peak times for this.

On The Menu

For today’s lunch outside I decided on a quick vegetable stir fry and a salad with our strawberry pie for dessert. A pleasant way to spend an afternoon on a gorgeous spring day. As we sit and chat over the day’s events, enjoying our meal, my catches all the many things “jobs” that need doing now that spring has arrived.

strawberry pie

Homesteading in California

Homesteading in California is likely one of the mildest climates that offers many advantages. For one thing, gardening can be a year-round endeavor. Many vegetables and fruits continue growing through the winter months. Though I don’t normally keep the garden going year-round, I have found many stray fresh veggies continuing on well after the seasons ended. Our orange tree is packed come mid-December.

Some of the younger chickens continue laying eggs well into the colder months. Spring arrives earlier than most places which means our growing season is long for those warm-weather crops.

The beauty of living on a homestead is hard to put into words. Our work on our property continues to build through the years and the payoff is seen best in the spring. As all the perennials are bursting back to life, the vision is much clearer this time of year. Soon we will be welcoming new chicks to refresh our little flock and planting the rest of the garden beds for summer.

This beautiful season renews my spirit for this place and in the coming days of hard work, I will remember these moments of spring at our California homestead. As it is the grand payoff and a truly magical time.

Thank you so much for joining me as we welcome spring at our little homestead. I hope you have enjoyed your time here.

Wishing you all the best this season has to offer!

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