Creating a Farmhouse in the City

Sharing how we are creating a farmhouse in the city complete with a large garden, chickens and the simple farmhouse lifestyle.

Farm Dreams

Throughout 2020 the notion to move away struck me often. The desire for a bit of land to farm and possibly a dairy cow is something of a dream. A more appealing one with the state of things. Although I don’t know how far I’d go for it.

Cause seriously, that’s a ton of milk for just the two of us. Even so, the thought puts a smile on my face. 

There is something quite beautiful about country living that calls to me. Waking up to walk the land, feed animals and watch the sun come up. I can imagine the peace that comes from living a life in harmony with the world around me. Days of hanging clothes on the line where chickens cluck at my feet. A garden that feeds us and the linen curtains that blow through the house with the gentle breeze.

dresses hung on a clotheslien

Something always sends me back into reality. This picturesque life that lives in my head comes with an ample amount of work, and dedication that stretches further than my two hands alone can reach. However, as I fix my eyes on this simple country lifestyle, I recognize that most of these things can be done right where we stand. On a property that I am been able to maintain myself.

Our Property

This property is by no means a farm in size. Our country home sits on about a 1/3 of an acre and there is a large rectangular pool that sits directly behind the house. Something that takes up quite a bit of space. However, with careful planning, I decided to line the pool with garden beds creating a large garden that would stretch the length of the yard.

red wheel barrow, log planter boxes in the urban farmhouse gardens

After cutting back the overgrown shade trees, the homesteader in me decided to use those large cut logs for garden beds. Giving the space a lovely rustic look.

I received free concrete rocks that complemented the rustic look of the wood and created more garden beds. Putting these garden beds in was the first big step towards creating a city farmhouse. For me, no farmhouse lifestyle would be complete without one. This one spans about 25 feet in length and 15 in width. The idea is that upon entry, you would know that you were not in any ordinary yard but a place that produces food and beauty.

city farm with rock garden bed with dirt filled near urban farmhouse

The animals than needed a designated place to roam, so a proper chicken house and run were placed just to the left of the garden. Far enough not to tempt the birds to climb over but within a distance that they could be a part of the overall aesthetic. Housed directly next door are our rabbits who reside in a wooden hutch with an enclosed yard of their own.


Living the Farmhouse Lifestyle In Town

It is incredible what you can do when you have the mind to do it. It was merely a mindset switch. Something in me that realized that God had led me to this place and given me just what I needed to make my dreams a reality. If I could only dream and believe it was possible, I could put a plan into action. Which is exactly what has gone on here these last few weeks.

Dreaming up garden plans, finding resources, and working to cultivate this ordinary backyard into a small homestead. A place where we could get lost in and feel all those feelings of days spent in the country life. A city farmhouse of sorts.

Loading up baskets of vegetables for meals. Collecting fresh eggs for the countertop. Cutting beautiful bouquets for the table and living in a space that was vibrantly alive with beauty. If you too live in town and dream of country life, I have 10 Ways to Enjoy the Simple Farmhouse Life in the City for you to enjoy. Each of these things we are able to do here, realizing that this is a lifestyle and not so much about what you own or what you don’t. But how you live in the space you are given.

Waiting for Spring

Now that the garden beds are in. It is only a matter of months before we can plant and begin to see the garden come to life. With new projects underway this small country house in town is slowly becoming a city farmhouse. If you are curious about the home itself, I would love to share with you the changes we have made to the inside of our city farmhouse in town. It has come along way both inside and out.

Though it is not easy creating a farmhouse in the city, I know it will be worth it.

Thank you for coming along with me today, I hope you have enjoyed your time here,

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