10 Ways to Live the Simple Farmhouse Life

Sharing 10 Ways to Live the Simple Farmhouse Life, and embrace this sweet lifestyle no matter where you live.

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I am a farm girl at heart. I love the smell of hay, hanging my clothes on the line, and hearing the crow of a rooster in the early morning hours. Working with my hands, seeing the dust kick up in the air from a tractor as the smell fills the air. I love it all. I want it all. But sometimes that want for something is just a bit from our grasp in its entirety.

Buying this house there was not a farm dream at play. Just a woman on a mission to buy a home. A house that sat on a country-style road with a larger-than-normal lot.

A fact I hardly took notice of.

But if you are like me living in the city limits the simple farmhouse life is there for you. I embrace it every day. Here is how you can too.

tulips popping out of the simple farmhouse garden
a simple farmhouse garden

10 Ways To Live The Simple Farmhouse Life

Grow A Garden

It does not have to be a large garden by any means. In fact, a lot of gardeners use pots to grow their veggies and flowers right on their porches and balconies. The feeling of collecting veggies for a meal with a strainer and scissors in hand. Or even better, using an apron to carry them inside for dinner gives you a deep sense of satisfaction. Here you can find my easy-to-grow list to get started.

Get Some Chickens

Even if it’s just a small flock of three. They are easy to care for. Most cities allow them but make sure to check your local county rules before committing. There is something so sweet about the sound of clucking chickens in the yard. I especially enjoy letting them out for a bit of free-ranging when I am outside.

Just the sight of them alone will give you all the country feels and of course, so will gathering their eggs. They are productive pets as well and you can learn more about their many benefits here. Not to mention getting a pretty basket and storing their eggs in them right on your countertop. What could be more “farmy” than that?

keeping a flock of backyard chickens in a simple farmhouse life

Put Up A Clothesline

There is this nostalgic thing that happens when you hang your clothes outside to dry. It could be the sunshine, the sound of the birds, or the smell of them in the breeze. Perhaps it’s all of those things that give you this feeling of being in another, simpler time. This one will even save you money so it is a favorite on the list.

Invest In A Pretty Sun Hat Or A Sun Dress

This one is for the ladies but it gives such a country-time feeling when you are in your yard, or garden wearing a pretty dress or old-fashioned ladies’ sun hat. For this one, I mean to say to dress the part. It will give you the farmhouse feeling almost instantly with its feminine charms.

Wear An Apron

There is a practical side to this one too. Aprons keep you from getting messy, and if it has a pocket, it is a major plus. You can hold seed packets, and carry eggs or scissors to cut your herbs in those pockets. Whenever I wear an apron I feel different. It feels womanly and homey all in this one piece of fabric. There are many tutorials online to help you sew your own or purchase a farmhouse one on amazon.

Learn How To Can

One of the first things I learned to water can is applesauce. I put up those 10 mason jars in my pantries like a pioneer and each time we needed a new jar it felt so deeply satisfying to go in and pull one out. Knowing I had placed it there with my efforts. Applesauce is one of the easiest things to make to can and even better if you wait to grab some from your local farm stand when in season.

Applesauce is just one of many things that you can water can to save for later. Can homemade jam or jelly. Make salsa from your garden harvest and put up a few jars. You don’t need to put up food for the year to can. You can simply do a few things to fill your pantry and that will give you that farmhouse feel.

canned goods on a table


Play Americana, folk, or indie music. I play music most of the day in our house. Music is incredible and is the quickest way to change the mood of your house. Depending on what activities are underway, I choose from a long list of different artists and types of music.

Ranging from the few mentioned above to Christian music and even old-time Country music like Dolly Parton or Johnny Cash. Hearing these old-time songs creates a soft, country-time feeling to our home. I especially love to listen when cooking.

Bake Bread

You may or not know how to do this particular skill at the moment but part of the farmhouse lifestyle or simple living is about gaining and using our hands to do things. Having that bowl of bread rising with a tea towel on your countertop or smelling the bread in the oven will instantly fill your home with the feeling of farmhouse life.

If you don’t have a sourdough starter already, you can learn how to make one here. If you need a recipe for sourdough bread look no further cause I have a great one that I use often that’s a Sourdough Artisan Loaf. However, if you are an absolute beginner and do not care to go through the process of making a sourdough starter yourself. You can still make bread. I have one on my blog that is an Easy Artisan Bread that you can try out. I promise you, it is foolproof and delicious.

Hang Herbs And Dried Flowers

All around my house, especially in the kitchen, you can find dried lavender, flowers, and herbs hanging in bundles. There is this quaint, country, or old-world look that it creates. It helps if you have a few pieces of decor that are of this style too. But even before I had all that, this was something I did to create that look. Little by little my house

Have A Cut Flower Garden

This one is a must in my eyes. This is a bit of an add-on to number one. But it is so important it makes the list on its own. A simple farmhouse life consists of keeping that cozy home feeling. A great way to do this is vases of cut flowers. Messy homemade bouquets in a farmhouse pitcher on your dining room table and kitchen countertop is a weekly to-do in our farmhouse.

If you are new to growing flowers, check out this blog post. It’s a list of the easiest flowers to grow straight from seed and they all make beautiful flowers for a cut flower garden. It comes as number 10 on the list but is equally effective when wanting to live that simple farmhouse life in town.

Bonus: Embrace the Handmade

You can very well say that baking bread, gardening, caring for chickens and canning food is all in the realm of putting our hands to things. While very true, I wanted to add this last one as a bonus one and that is to embrace the handmade.

Creating items for our homes with our own hands adds a bit of appreciation to the item itself. It is also a very satisfying way to spend your time and energy. Make a cup of tea while sewing a pillow case or rolling beeswax taper candles for your dinner table.

In our home, I try my best to make natural cleaning products and beauty products and even dabble in a bit of DIY for home decor. Creating lavender wreaths from the garden for spring and using my amber-colored spray bottles for cleaning. Each of these is filled with my own handmade natural cleaning products. It gives a feeling of simpler times and the time spent adds to the quality of everyday living.

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