Garden Inspiration Before and After

A bit of Garden Inspiration for you today. As I ask myself, Are we there yet? Showing our before and after from just December to May a lot has changed.


Oh those fb memories. When they pop up they either melt your heart or can make you cringe. Either way, they are fun to see and for some strange reason, fb decided to do a pop-up of just 5 short months ago. The photo was a simple day post of trees having been cut away.  A decision that others urged me not to do. 

You’re cutting away all the shade! They’d exclaim in confused tones.

I have to admit, I did think of that but the sunshine is needed for spaces I intend to create. 

So if you know me, you know I ultimately tend to take my own advice, alas the trees were cut.

Seeing the growth, and realizing the time between then and now. It sent me into  a bit of shock. I had worked so hard on the space that in my mind surely it had been at least a year prior that I had begun. 

Here I stood just  5 months later staring at a space that at one point could only live in my mind. Expanding into a larger garden space filled with herbs, veggies, and all the flowers I can cut. A beautiful space to be and to nurture. 

For a while  I would go back and forth on the trees. The words of others having caused doubt. 

Cut, don’t cut. 

Good idea? A majorly bad one? 

When you are the only adult sometimes it gets overwhelming to make all the decisions. 

I suppose you just have to have faith and a bit of boldness in your blood. Lord knows I have plenty of both. 

Seeing the photos pop up and all that was once there. In realizing the transformation, I instantly had a small epiphany hit me. 

I don’t stand back and see my own progress. I just keep going forward and move onto the next thing. Could it be that there is something useful or significant rather that occurs when you stop for a moment and recognize the work done?

Today I believe so. Focusing often on larger destinations and not on the actual journey we miss these moments. 


sunflowers in a garden bed for garden inspiration
garden beds filled with plants for garden inspiration
ducks in the garden
trellis in a garden for garden inspiration
garden inspiration holyhocks growing ina garden bed, are we there yet?
a tidy garden with several beds
garden beds showing plants and lots of growth
garden inspiration are we there yet an area for ducks

Not that there is ever a true destination mind you. There are merely steps along the way that make up a lifetime. 

I haven’t been one to stand back and give a moment to the small movements forward. Doing so today has been eye opening. 

Oh to see the boxes filled with thriving plants. Seeds that I had sown. Dirt that I had shoveled in with my sweet little daughter. Hauling it by the wheelbarrow full. 

Both sweaty and parched from the workload. Always by my side, I often wonder how I ever got to be such a lucky mama to have her. 

We did it. All in a day’s work and just  before the rain came. 

But now a time that felt so far away is here. I can hardly stand it as I walk through and admire the once bare land that now shows so much promise. 

A few veggies and bundles of fresh cut bouquets ready to harvest as the hummingbirds whiz by. 

Yet I recognize there is more at play here than just a daily harvest. 

Perhaps it is the peaceful beauty of nature and a space that was cultivated with love that makes it so inviting. 

So are we there yet?

I’d say we’ve reached the threshold.

Thank you for reading!

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