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5 Easy to Grow Flowers For a Cut Flower Garden

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5 Easy to Grow Flowers for a cut flower garden that take minimal effort and grow in abundance.

When I first started a garden, I was barely able to keep a house plant alive let alone think of growing masses of flowers to cut and bring inside the house. What a dream that had once been. As with anything you want to do, when starting out there is always a bit of a learning curve. After many attempts at growing flowers and watching them die a slow death, I began to see a few that stuck around. These few are ones that I continue to grow and they continue to blossom every time I plant them. They are what I want to share with you today as I find them the easiest to grow and the most prolific. Remember at the end of each season, save the seeds! Be sure to check out the post for How to Save Seeds to learn how I save them and store them.

List of 5 Easy to Grow Flowers


You know these have to be on any flower gardeners list for easy to grow and for beautiful cut flowers. These are an absolute must. Zinnias grow fast, continue to bloom after cutting and their seeds are super easy to save once the flower bud is dried. They come in a multitude of colors so you can literally have only Zinnias if you chose to and have a variety of beautiful blooms to fill your vases all summer long. They are exceptional cut flowers that really deserve to be number one on the list.

easy to grow flowers zinnias on a table


These might surprise you to see on the list. If you are a complete beginner then possibly not. However if you have any experience you might be surprised I would mention these as they are known for being edible and having herbal uses. But they made great cut flowers too. These are number two on this list because of the ease they take in growing them. They will literally grow anywhere and once established you can count on them year after year. They tend to spread and for me thats exactly the kind of flowers I love. Low maintance, self seeding so I dont have to continue buying them and they transplant well. So if you find you have too many the following year, simply pluck them out and transplant them to another part of your garden. They come in a decent amount of colors, mostly in the yellow and orange family. But their green foliage and happy blooms are a welcome presence.

easay to grow flowers calundula
easy to grow flowers calundula upclose


Another happy choice, these yellow balls of sunshine. Their foliage is also lovely and their blooms are incredibly beautiful. They come in a few varieties but I am a Dutch Master Dafodil girl all the way. Their big blooms and all yellow brightness sing spring to me. I look forward to them each year. Dafodils are perinnials which means they do come back year after year once planted. I tend to grab a bag of bulbs at the garden center to plant extra at the end of fall. They are so easy to grow it will amaze you. in the fall, you simply dig a hole larger enough to cover the bulbs by a couple inches, give them a good water. Then wait. By Spring time you will see their beautiful green tops peaking out and within weeks that bloom will be burst open ready to cut. It’s that easy.

easy to grow flowers dafodils


You may wonder why these would be on the list. Surely Tulips are a special type of flower to grow. They are sought after by many and their blooms are a stricking shape not to be mistaken. But I learned they are just as easy to grow as a Dafodil. They too are a bulb so they should be planted similarly to the Dafodils. They come in multiple colors and make excellent cut flowers. Like the other flowers mentioned, they too have a beautiful green foliage.


Cosmos make number 5 on my list of easty to grow flowers for a cut garden. They are mostly on the list for their ease of growing, variety of colors and easy seed saving. These too will self seed if you let them and when you allow the flower to dry, collecting their seeds is a breeze. They look beautiful in a cut flower garden and make great additions to a bouquet. Cosmos create a whimsical touch to the garden and like the others on the list, their greenery makes a show before their blooms do. Making them a fabulous, easy to grow additon to your cut flower garden.

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