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Sharing is Caring

Making a home is a continued daily effort. Today I want to bring you along to home with me to hopefully inspire you in your homemaking day.

It is a gloomy day filled with tons of rain. That means I am stuck inside at least for a little while. And though it is the middle of winter all I want to do is freshen up the house. Spring cleaning style. Is there such a thing as winter cleaning? I do feel our spaces need freshening up multiple times a year. But that is another post entirely. I thought today I would bring you along with me for a bit of homemaking inspiration. It is a day in my life as a homemaker. On the top of the task list I am cleaning beds. And of course that means lots of washing. I love to iron our sheets as well when I have time. With the weather so dreary I found I had it today. Which is not a bad thing. The feeling of laying on freshly ironed sheets is luxurious.

I am also in need of tidying up the living room and showing my beautiful “new” couch that I recently slipcovered. Which you might have seen in my last post. If you didn’t happen to catch it I will link it here No Sew Drop Cloth Slipcover. It made a huge impact on our living room and I am so glad I decided to do it.

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Sharing is Caring

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