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Join me for a day in the kitchen making ricotta cheese, and a homemade lasagna while we discuss the idea of Learning New Skills in the Kitchen for a bit of Cooking Inspiration.

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Today we will be spending some time in the kitchen. I will be making ricotta cheese and later using it to make a homemade lasagna for dinner. If you are interested in learning how to make some in your kitchen. You can find a link from the blog in the description below.

It is a very simple process and a fun one to learn but also a great starter cheese for beginners.

While I work, I want to discuss with you some thoughts on learning new skills in the kitchen. Even how to cook if you haven’t quite learned how.

All to often we treat the kitchen as a place of burden passing it off as a practical space to keep food where we torture ourselves with nightly cooking and cleaning. But the reality is, is that this room is much more than that. It is a workspace, a room to learn in, to grow in and to use our creativity . A place where we use love to create food that nourishes and there is unbelievable beauty found through this act alone.

Learning new things is not always easy for us, especially in the kitchen. We often get stuck in ruts and have an unwillingness to try new things. We also have a tendency to compare ourselves to others. And that fear of failure is what holds us back.

However, what if you could pretend those things didn’t matter. What if we allowed ourselves to be amateurs with having that be enough? Without the need to make anything perfect or instagram worthy.

What sort of things might you want to learn to do in your kitchen?

To speak the words of “I can’t” with anything is dangerous. It keeps us where we are. Secured to a false notion that can only result in an arrested state of mind.

To be a human being, and to experience life fully is one where we engage in life through learning and gaining bits of wisdom.

To change, grow, adapt and evolve. Without the acquisition of knowledge, we are cut off from these things. To declare “I can’t” is just another way of stating “I won’t and so I don’t.”

My farmhouse kitchen. A rustic environment where creating is an everyday event and learning never ceases to stop. A place where tools left are out due to frequent use yet beautifully placed for our eyes to fall when not. The function of this kitchen is that of a work horse.

A place where daily meals are churned out, recipes are created to share with others and of course this has been a place for me to take a silent retreat. To allow my hands to freely work and my mind to shut off from the world.

Right now, you might view a woman calmly making something in her kitchen. But what you don’t see here, are the many failed attempts to do even the most simplistic things at times. Those failures have been my teacher.

A Place To Learn

I don’t believe that I have ever learned more skills anywhere in a home, than in the kitchen.

To learn anything new, we must be willing to fail so that we can eventually succeed at whatever it is we are wanting to do. Overtime skills will develop and perhaps for some what was once a nightly burden, it will become something to look forward to.

“This is my advice to people: Learn how to cook, try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun.” ~ Julia Child 

This week, let’s allow ourselves the room to grow and to be amateurs at something new. Whether that be a new recipe, baking bread for the first time or even making a homemade cake. Be ok with your failures when they come. And let’s not worry if our cookies aren’t worthy of instagram they will still be enjoyed.

Thank you so much for joining me today. I hope you enjoyed todays Learning New Skills in the Kitchen video and post. If you try something new this week, let me know in the comments.

Have a wonderful week ahead. I will see you next in the post.

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