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Winter has arrived, come along for a day of Winter Homemaking and Slow Living.

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The cold has finally set in. The morning ground is covered with frost and our breath shows clearly in the chilled air. I find myself wanting to tuck away inside with a warm drink, reading for hours at a time. But this luxury will need to wait for shorter time frames and those selected few days where that is possible.

bones for making bone broth for winter cooking

Today is not one of them. With winter here I am making a large batch of bone broth for soups and risottos for the week. Something I do throughout the wintertime. This will take an all-day and even several hours tomorrow of simmering on the stovetop. I save any bones from meals in freezer bags so I can make more when needed. This is from our turkey. I allow it to slowly simmer away on the stovetop the entire day. You can learn more about how to make bone broth here.

Tidying Up

The kitchen is messy from this morning’s Christmas baking. It’s time to get it back in order.

What is it about a clean kitchen that makes us feel so good? As temporary as it is, to walk in here and see the candle glowing on the counter and everything tidy. It’s a good feeling and for whatever reason, everything in the house seems to follow the kitchen. If it is dirty, it feels like the entire house is out of order and when cleaned, the opposite can be said.

a clean kitchen

One of the best finishing touches for me after cleaning is replacing the tablecloth. There is something very satisfying about this small bit of decorating that takes place when swapping out a tablecloth. I have this green linen cloth that just barely fits across our table. Perfectly acceptable to me. I am not going for perfect here. I want coziness and beauty. Finishing it off with a fresh flower bouquet for the center and new candles for the tapers.

a bouquet of flowers and tablecloth

The bathrooms too need continual attention. Whether a quick wipe down or deep clean. Finding the motivation to continue doing it all with the same level of importance all year can be tough. At least for me. Winter is a time for rest but truly there is no rest for the homemaker. At least not an entire day’s worth of it. Still, it is important to continue maintaining our homes all the same.

I have been coming in here twice weekly for cleaning. Once for a deep clean and the second time for a wipe down that maintains the bathroom between deeper cleanings. I find this a simple enough routine to follow no matter what time of year.

Finishing Touches

Our lavender is grows year-round here so we are lucky enough to make bouquets for the house from it during the fall and winter when the flower growing has ended. I like to finish off the bathroom cleanings with a fresh bouquet of lavender.

Winter Cooking

One of the best parts of winter homemaking to me is one-pot meals that create leftovers. With all the soups and heartier dishes of winter, this is one shortcut that helps create that extra rest time to enjoy later. Today is a batch of Ground Beef Goulash. This recipe creates several meals for us and is just as delicious as reheated.

comfort food made for winter

I use my large dutch oven to make this as it makes quite a bit from the recipe. I begin by browning the ground beef. Then I add herbs, Worcestershire sauce salt, and pepper. I chop the bell pepper and onion and add them to the beef. I add garlic, diced tomatoes, bay leaves, and some of the broth. Then I allow it to simmer and then lastly add the macaroni. This dish is comforting and comes together quite quickly.

Winter Staples

It is the following day now and our bone broth is ready to be bottled. I have these milk jugs to store the broth inside the fridge that works well. I pour the ready broth into the milk jugs, place the lid on and then allow the broth to come to room temperature before placing them in the fridge.

bone broth made for winter homemaking

Having fresh bone broth is worth the extra effort of making it at home and is a big part of my winter homemaking. It adds a delicious flavor to soups and dishes. As well as adding in extra minerals and nutrients to the food being prepared.

“Today when you nurture, love, and meet the needs of your beloveds with beauty, it will make a difference in how they face their whole day.”

― Sally Clarkson

I hope you have enjoyed coming along for some winter homemaking. I want to thank you for being here with me. Have a great week ahead.

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