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Everyday Homemaking with Practical Tips is another “day in the life” style video/post. I’ll be cleaning up our main bathroom, making sun-dried tomatoes, editing photos, and later making a fresh summer-style dinner. I will also be giving you some practical tips throughout today’s post and video.

Enjoy The Video Version

I started the morning tidying up our main bathroom after getting ready for the day. I start my mornings cleaning up the back parts of the house. Since most of my day is spent in the main areas. This sort of jumpstarts any cleaning I have to get done.


Every time I clean a room, I like to put on my diffusers as a kind of finishing touch. That leaves a nice clean scent in the room. Since I use natural cleaners there are no heavy scents in the air and this way I can have a nice clean scent. One without the heavy chemicals.

Pouring hot water down your drains every once in a while helps loosen grime and prevent clogs. Especially if you live in an older home as I do. You should also run a wash with hot water in the washer every so often.


I recently harvested a large number of cherry tomatoes from my garden and my mothers garden.

So today I am making sun-dried tomatoes out of them. Which I make by placing them on baking sheets and drying them out in the oven for several hours on low.

tomatoes on a baking sheet for everyday homemaking

When they are ready I pack them in olive oil and keep them in the fridge. They last a long time this way and by making my own, I can control the flavoring and quality of them.

While I wait for the tomatoes I have a lot of editing to do for a few new recipes coming to the blog. This is somewhat tedious work having to go through all the photos, edit and then do the same with videos. It takes a bit of time and I like to do this earlier in the day.

I came in to refill my coffee and noticed the floors were dirty. While my coffee brews on the stovetop. I am gonna sweep. Something I realized a long time ago was that If you see something dirty and it will only take a few minutes to clean. If you can, clean it when you see it. I find that waiting to clean something just makes the daily list longer. And I get more irritated passing by it over and over.

For lunch, we went out and I forgot to bring the camera. On the way home I stopped at a farmers market to grab some fruit.

a table center piece for everyday homemaking

Before putting it all away, I soak it in baking soda to help get off any pesticides that might be left on the skin. This way I don’t have to do it later, and the extra step isn’t difficult when it’s already out on the counter to do.

cleaning lemons in a bowl for practical homemaking tips

For berries, wash them and put them in a glass container with a lid to store in the fridge. They can last for a couple of weeks depending on how ripe they are.

strawberries in a colander and jar for practical homemaking tips

Our tomatoes are finished and ready to be packed in olive oil. I smash them into a mason jar, then pour the olive oil in. I take a knife and run it down the sides of the jar to get any air pockets out. Then top off with oil. As long as I keep the tomatoes under the olive oil away from the air. They will keep in the fridge.

I will link a how-to video for making sun-dried tomatoes if you’d like a step-by-step tutorial to guide you.

On The Menu

Before dinner, I headed out to the garden to grab some basil. Tonight I am making personal pizzas with sun-dried tomatoes. This is a simple pizza that everyone seems to love. Today, I am even using naan as a shortcut to simplify it even more.

Having a few easy meals that you can make quickly is so important. During the summer I find this especially helpful.

homemade pizzas on a baking

To make this pizza. I pour the sun-dried tomatoes on first, sprinkle with mozzarella cheese, top with and fresh basil. Then drizzle with olive oil and bake.

Paired with a spinach strawberry salad it is a perfect fresh summer meal with minimal effort.

a table sat for dinner for everyday homemaking

Thank you so much for joining me today. I hope you have enjoyed your time with me in Everyday Homemaking with Practical Tips. If you try any of the tips or recipes let me know in the comments.

Have a great week ahead! I will see you in the next video and post.


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