DIY No Sew Drop Cloth Slip Cover for Sectional

This guide for making a DIY No Sew Drop Cloth Slip Cover for Sectional works for a regular couch too. It is an affordable and easy slip-cover option.

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I have an older sectional-style couch in my main living room. It is in good shape but lately, I have been loving a brighter, lighter look and wanting an update on the space. The look of a beautiful cream-colored couch is often the main focal point in the spaces I am inspired by.

I knew that with the darker brown sectional it would be a challenge to create the look I wanted so the idea of slipcovers seemed simple enough. After ordering several it was obvious that finding ones to fit was going to be a challenge, an expensive one. Then it hit me, drop cloth! I have used it before to make these No Sew DIY Curtains for Under 20 Dollars.

It took me less than an hour to completely transform my couch. So I debated whether to share these because they really are so simple to make. However, they completely changed the look of my living room and actually made my couch comfier. I figure it is definitely worth sharing.

I made sure to use a 100% Cotton Drop Cloth just in case I wanted to bleach them later and to make sure they felt soft after washing. When washed the fabric is soft and to my surprise, I don’t have issues with it coming off after getting up. It stays in place pretty well and all without a single stitch sewn.

I should also mention that I slip-covered a pretty large sectional for under 70 dollars. When you look at the price of slipcovers are a complete steal. For my particular-sized sectional couch. I used three 9 x 12 drop cloths for this project. Just to give you an idea. You might need less depending on your coverage size, so be sure to measure beforehand.

What You Will Need To Make a Slipcover

100 % Cotton Drop Cloth (My sectional couch took 3, be sure to measure for your particular couch)

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It is optional, but I washed mine first on warm to soften the fabric up. If you do this, the fabric will look slightly wrinkled so just keep that in mind beforehand. I didn’t iron mine but that is an option. Fresh out of the dryer I laid one over half the sectional with the 12 ft running horizontally and the 9 ft draped over vertically.

drop cloth for no sew drop cloth slip covers
the brand of drop cloth I use it comes in various sizes

My couch roughly needed 6 ft from bottom front to bottom back plus a few feet more for tucking. So the 9ft was perfect. I draped it over the couch and began tucking it. Adjusting as I went. You will likely need to re-tuck it several times to ensure it is even and lining up properly on the bottom of your couch. For a sectional, I suggest tackling one side of the couch at a time with each drop cloth.

For my sectional couch, it took two for the initial covering. One per section. And the third I used for scraps, which I didn’t need much. If you are covering a regular couch you will need much less of course.

For the corner that connects I cut a chunk that would cover it from the third drop cloth and then tucked in underneath both drop cloths. For this section, I did opt to pin a few areas with fabric pins on the backside that is tucked underneath the main pieces. As this is a high-traffic area in our home and people tend to brush up against the corner when passing by. You definitely won’t need to pin anything if you don’t want to, especially if this isn’t the case in your home.

I covered my old pillowcases with these pretty affordable pillow covers to add to the white look of the new couch. I also love to have to throw blankets on my couch as I think this is a nice touch for comfort. You can check out the ones I choose below along with the drop cloth I used.

In all this project cost me just under 60 dollars and created that bright comfy couch I wanted. I have to tell you that drop cloth is one of my favorite fabrics to work with. Its affordability makes it easy to replace if needed or grab extra to experiment with.

Check out these No-Sew Drop Cloth Curtains I made for our larger family room. They created the perfect curtain for under 20 dollars!


  • Washing the drop cloth prior to use will help make them softer and easier to work with.
  • Before starting make sure you have enough drop cloth to cover the entire area. Nothing is more frustrating than realizing you don’t with a half-covered couch. Measure accordingly.
  • Use upholstery pins for high-traffic areas.
  • Hand steamers work great for getting the wrinkles out of this fabric.
  • If you have a larger sectional or one with a chaise lounge, grab an extra drop cloth so you can cut an extra piece if needed. The chaise lounge can be tricky. You will want to cut two pieces. I set one underneath the cushion and one on top to wrap around the cushion. Ensuring the couch is covered completely.

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