Weekday Brunch At Home

Elevating every day with a Weekday Brunch at Home. Today I invite you along as I prepare a fun weekday brunch and share my two favorite recipes to serve.

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Today I am in the kitchen and it’s just about lunchtime. I decided for fun that instead of a typical lunch, that I would make a fancy-style weekday brunch at home for us. Complete with my two favorite dishes to serve for a brunch, and my mock mimosas that are great for kids.

a table setting for a weekday brunch at home

On the menu is a puff pancake and I am going to be serving this with sliced peaches. I am also making my simple farmhouse frittata which I serve with a side of salsa. These two dishes make the perfect pairing for a brunch with a savory one and a sweet one that I serve right out of the pan so that guests can help themselves.

a slice of frittata and a puff pancake on a plate for a brunch

“Let mothers labor to make home the happiest place in the world.”

C.H Spurgeon
 a table setting for a weekday brunch at home

Today there will be no guests of course. However, the idea of elevating the everyday is not only reserved for when companies coming over. I want us to feel that same special experience while simply just being in our home together.

No brunch is complete without setting a table first. I grabbed my beautiful Martha Stewart dishes for this one and opted for navy blue napkins. The scene is bright and the baby’s breath bouquet works as the perfect centerpiece. I realize we are dining alone, but the idea of only doing this for guests is absurd to me. When did we decide that we are not worthy of the trouble?

Pish! We certainly are. An average day at home with an elevated meal. This is what homemaking looks like to me. It is this work that I find to have been the most important of my own life.

a table setting for a weekday brunch at home
a table set for a weekday brunch at home

Brunch is ready and the last thing we need is a great drink to serve in a pretty glass. Traditionally this would be a mimosa. Rather I do a mock mimosa. Simple really. I use fresh squeezed orange juice and sparkling water in place of the champagne. They are perfect for kids and serve as a non-alcoholic alternative.

As always, thank you so much for joining me today while I shared our little brunch at home. I hope it encourages you to find ways that will help elevate the everyday moments in your home.


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homemaking washing dishes

Simple Farmhouse Spinach Frittata

A blend of potatoes, spinach, egg and cheese that is baked in a skillet. Serve with a side of salsa or your favorite toppings.

weekday brunch at home with a skillet frittata

Puff Pancake

A delicious skillet pancake that puffs when baked. Also known as a dutch baby or German pancake. Serve with fresh fruit, warm maple syrup or jam.

a puff pancake in a skillet for a weekday brunch at home

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