Weekday Brunch At Home

Elevating the everyday with a Weekday Brunch at Home. Today I invite you along as I prepare a fun weekday brunch. I am going to be making my two favorite dishes to serve at a brunch (recipes included below) making mock mimosas and setting a lovely table. I hope you enjoy todays video.

Hello and welcome back to a quaint life. Today I am in the kitchen and its just about lunch time.

I decided for fun that instead of a typical lunch, that I would make a fancy style weekday brunch at home for us. Complete with my two favorite dishes to serve when companies coming over for a brunch and included in that is my mock mimosas.

a table setting for a weekday brunch at home

I’ll be sure to link the recipes below for you.

On the menu is a puff pancake and today I am going to be serving this with sliced peaches. I am also making my simple farmhouse frittata which I serve with a side of salsa. These two dishes make the perfect pairing for a brunch with a savory one and a sweet one that I serve right out of the pan so that guests can help themselves.

a slice of frittata and a puff pancake on a plate for a brunch

Today there will be no guests of course. However, the idea of elevating the everyday is not only reserved for when companies coming over. I want us to feel that same special experience while simply just being in our home together.

“Let mothers labor to make home the happiest place in the world.”

C.H Spurgeon
 a table setting for a weekday brunch at home

It is this work that I find to have been the most important of my own life.

a table setting for a weekday brunch at home

For my mock mimosas, I use fresh squeezed orange juice and sparkling water in place of the champagne.

a table set for a weekday brunch at home

As always, thank you so much for joining me today. I hope you enjoyed todays video and that it inspires you to elevate your everyday. I will you on the next one.

Recipes From Video

Simple Spinach Farmhouse Frittata

A blend of potatoes, spinach, egg and cheese that is baked in a skillet. Serve with a side of salsa or your favorite toppings.

weekday brunch at home with a skillet frittata

Puff Pancake

A delicious skillet pancake that puffs when baked. Also known as a dutch baby or German pancake. Serve with fresh fruit, warm maple syrup or jam.

a puff pancake in a skillet for a weekday brunch at home

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