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Becoming the Summer Homemaker. One where we relax a little more, find more ways to create fun around our homes, and have a joyful summer. Let’s explore this idea in today’s Summer Homemaker post and video.

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It is officially summertime. The days seem to be growing warmer every day and the wind for whatever reason has been relentless. The pool takes a beating on windy days and it can be hard to keep up with but we take turns skimming, both morning and evening. It is quite a chore. I am so grateful to have my beautiful little daughter out here to help me.

Inside I am going to be cleaning the rugs and straightening up the house just to get everything sort of back in order. During summer everything is much more relaxed because there is no school to worry about. I know it’s like this for most of us mothers and just as a word of encouragement. It’s ok to let some things go a little during a busy season.

I think we can be way too hard on ourselves and not feel accomplished if we are not doing enough in a day. We have to remember though that we need to make time for fun and we just can’t do it all. During summer I try to do the main things each day, like the dishes, straightening up, and such. That way the house is never a wreck but it appears in order.

Summer Fun

With our calendar open and all this extra time, I want to focus on creating fun summer memories. I think it’s really important for us all to be able to do that with our kids.

We have been making weekly trips to our local library, having pool days, making frozen yogurt, and having movie nights. Summer though hot is a beautiful time to just be able to take things a little more easily than normal. And my table is never complete without a bouquet from the garden.

Of course, with it being summertime the garden is going crazy with all sorts of fresh flowers. It is my favorite part of summer. Right now I have been loving these Queen Annes Lace. They look like little clouds and I think they will complement the tablecloth I have. So I am going to cut some of these and get them into a vase.

Now speaking of summer fun.

I like to do backyard picnics whenever the weather is nice but this happens almost weekly during the summertime. It’s part of trying my best to be fun and right now my daughter is outside painting me a birdhouse for the garden. So I am going to get a little snack-style picnic for lunch going.

shoes next to a picnic blanket for a summer homemaker

I am currently in need of a grocery run. Which means I am all out of fresh fruit. So for this picnic, I have some canned peaches, yogurt, homemade granola, and honey. I am going to make individual parfaits. I also have some turkey, salami, cheese, and a few laughing cow wedges to throw in here.

In summer the garden is normally my biggest priority and that means my indoor plants get a little neglected. With it so hot out today, I am going to get everything inside watered and re-staked. Some of my plants are a little wild.

I was able to head out to grab some groceries and restock the fruit. I love having fruit out all summer and I think it looks just as pretty as a vase of fresh flowers. Normally I will put it out in baskets or bowls and just have it cleaned and ready to enjoy throughout the day.

One great tip for strawberries is to clean them and then transfer them to a glass jar like a large mason jar to keep in the fridge. The strawberries last twice as long if not longer than when you keep them in the plastic bin they come in.

On The Menu

My little kitchen gets pretty hot whenever I cook in it. This is especially so, on these balmy summer days when there is no place to hide from the heat.

I love finding simple dinners that don’t require much from me that I can throw together.

I grabbed some smoked salmon at the store today so I am going to be making a toast with cream cheese, smoked salmon, pepper, and fresh dill from the garden.

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.”

― John Lubbock

Thank you so much for joining me in today’s post on the Summer Homemaker. I hope you have enjoyed your time here. Have a great week ahead and I will see you in the next one.

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