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Seasonal Homemaking | Last Days of Winter

Join me as I share in finding joy in these last days of winter homemaking while discussing the concept of seasonal homemaking.

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Living in California, spring tends to come early. This year is unseasonably cold as you may have heard or experienced if you live in California yourself. I know many of you find yourself in much colder climates and so I will spare you any sort of complaining. I am, however, soaking up these last weeks of winter homemaking. With pots of soup going, candles lit, and tidying up the house as the rain hits the windows. It is a cozy scene that will be missed come summer.

Where ever you are in the world, I hope today’s video and post inspire you to enjoy the beauty of winter homemaking and remember what you love about these cozy days spent inside that will soon be behind us.

Seasonal Homemaking

I have found that living by seasons creates excitement year-round for homemaking as it changes drastically from one season to the next. In the warm months ahead my attention is turned toward our outside spaces.

Creating meals for enjoying out on the back patio, hanging the laundry on the line, and time spent in the garden. It is a striking contrast to the candlelit days of decluttering spaces, home projects, and winter baking.

Seasonal homemaking is for anyone who chooses to embrace it and it can be as simple as deciding to eat seasonally. As doing so is a great way to liven up the kitchen and eat only the very best of what each season has to offer. You might be wanting some other ideas to be a more seasonal homemaker. Below I will share my favorite ways to embrace seasons as a homemaker.

  • Enjoying meals outside
  • Embracing a spring cleaning routine
  • Cooking with herbs
  • Starting an annual herb garden
  • Having backyard picnics
  • Putting up linen curtains that blow in the breeze
  • Making hand-poured or beeswax tapers for the cooler months
  • Making large batches of Homemade Applesauce
  • Eating all the best pumpkin and apple recipes
  • Afternoon tea time
  • Making a fall wreath for the house or front door
  • Making dinners over a bonfire in the backyard

Last Days of Winter Homemaking

Today is laundry day, and I have a bit of deep cleaning to get to later. Home is such a place where I find I never run out of things that need my attention. In the wintertime, this is particularly great because it helps keep me from cozying up on the couch under a blanket.

basket of laundry

For lunch today, I have decided on a simple split pea soup that I make with bacon instead of ham. Soup on a cold rainy day always makes the house feel cozy. It is also a great shortcut for homemakers as you can have a pot simmering away on the stovetop with little effort while you go about the housework.

For whatever reason, many of our days start a bit later than normal during wintertime. Maybe it’s the darker mornings or the chill in the air. Possibly both. But I find myself getting dressed later than I should and even getting to things like making my bed later than I would any other time of year.

However, instead of being bothered by these things, I have started to accept them and for this have been able to see them more as a blessing.

It is a blessing to tend to our homes and to have the ability to be with our children. No matter how imperfect our days are.

Getting to the Housework

Now onto more serious cleaning. My little Roomba has been a great addition to my cleaning arsenal. They have in no way sponsored this post, I have to say that it does give a good once-over to all the floors in our house. Something I did not expect. While I have the vacuum going, I am going to deep cleaning on a few surfaces in the kitchen.

I am using my natural all-purpose cleaner that I make and use on most of the surfaces in our house. The stovetop and the floor seem to always need attention. This a clear sign of how much use this room goes through on any given day.

After tidying up the kitchen I am yet again going to be using it as it would not be a complete winter homemaking day without baking something. I have decided to make some Garlic Focaccia Bread for dinner. This is a simple but delicious recipe that I love to make when my starter is not ready or I want something much quicker. It is a great beginner bread too. So if you are new to bread baking, be sure to check it out!

dough rolled out onto a dough board

I will be serving this with a dinner salad later this evening.

woman holding a baking sheet with bread

Ending a Day

After all the housework is done, the meals are made and cleaned up, I light a candle to mark the end of the day. As the candle twinkles on the dark kitchen counter, it is my signal to make some tea and finally cozy up on the couch under a blanket. Something I love to do during these cold rainy days.

As winter comes to a close and we find ourselves in a brand new season. I hope you find beauty in the days to come and that it brings new life to your home through seasonal homemaking.

Thank you so much for being in this space and sharing your time with me.

Until next time,

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