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Our City Farmhouse | Our New Ventures in Farming

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Our City Farmhouse and Our New Ventures to come in Farming

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Today we finally started our French lessons and my garden is in full swing with a new endeavor underway. Because, if you can’t take chances in life, then what the hecks the point?

Or maybe that’s just how I see it. That could very well be my life motto. 

I say take chances, jump first and then ask the questions as you go. How else do you begin?

Besides I don’t believe overthinking ever helped anyone.

And so with that the purchase button was clicked and tomorrow the dirt pile arrives for our brand new garden beds. Yes, the garden is not quite done for the year as gorgeous as it is…

Coming Soon

farmhouse in the city sun flower patch

 I have decided on more, adding several beds to grow a larger crop this season that will be available for the public. A few items we will be growing are fresh flowers, lavender, veggies and herb bundles. I am excited to give it a shot and see the potential in utilizing my property to the fullest. 

But the real truth is I love my garden. If I could spend all day out there, I likely would. Oftentimes, it pulls me in. I head out there just to grab something for dinner or turn a sprinkler on and bam! An hour goes by, sometimes two. 

chamomille flowers at the city farmhouse

Real Farming

Needless to say, my desire is an actual working farm not just a home styled as one. The lifestyle appeals to me in ways I never would have imagined. 

The early morning moments captured in our garden give me all the feels. My first order of business each day is always the animals and then the plants.

Our little duckies are locked away at night since having found one attacked and near death one terrible morning. 

And yes you read that right. 

rock style garden bed

It was only by the grace of God  I was able to nurse her sweet self back to good health

As sweet as she was being held in our living room makeshift duck hospital. She is now officially back to staying as far away from me as possible. 

Which seems to mean, a clear bill of health in duck terms. Did I accidentally write out a pun there LOL. 

Nevertheless you can bet I won’t be taking any chances of it happening again. So naturally they are eager to come out of their house each morning and I am there happy to oblige. 

sunflower upclose from our city farmhouse

For the next several days I will be busy planting, planning and dreaming of what is to come. Anxiously working out all the details.

There you have it. 

Food, writing and farming, all coming together to capture A Quaint Life from our little farmhouse in town.

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