Creating a Joyful Home

In Creating a Joyful Home I am sharing some tips I have learned for creating joy in our own home. Homemaking is much more than just cooking and cleaning. It is about the creation of a home. I hope you enjoy today’s video and post.

Hello and welcome back to a quaint life.

Today is Saturday and with the rain we are off to a slow start. My daughter has began to enjoy cooking for us and today she is making scrambled eggs.

I have no particular plans for the day and it feels nice to be able to loosen up the schedule. But even on these days, there is always cleaning to be done.

a girl cooking scrambled eggs in a joyful home

So as I clean the kitchen today, I want to discuss with you the idea of creating a joyful home and share some tips that have worked for me.

a lady washing dishing in a joyful home

As we all know homemaking is much more than a cleaning routine however the cleaning does play a role in a cozy space and a joyful attitude. It is easy for me to feel discouraged and even irritable when our home is a mess and I have recognized the need to keep it tidy for my own personal mindset. I think joy is something that needs to be protected.

I have found that being mindful of what sorts of things come into our home whether that’s through tv, scrolling on social media, or even the conversations we choose to have throughout the day with other people. It all plays a role in our mental state and the sort of environment we want to create.

Creating a Joyful Home with Moments

A great way to enjoy your home and to have joyfulness within it is to intentionally find ways to create special moments on ordinary days. I have mentioned this many times on the channel but honestly, it is one of the most important things I have incorporated into our home over the years. I think it is really what I can attribute much of the joy in our home to.

Small things like baking a cake for no reason, or lighting candles at dinner just because. Making homemade pizza for a movie night, having a backyard picnic, or putting together an afternoon tea for snack time. It doesn’t have to be elaborate by any means but creating small special moments will add to the joy of your home.

Taking time to regularly feed your own joy and enthusiasm for the work you do is important. When we do this work with joy, it transforms us and the people around us. This can be to find encouragement from other people or find others that inspire you to be your best. I find reading great quotes and articles that teach me new skills or give me a fresh perspective or just uplift me to be so valuable in my life.

a bowl of cookie dough next to a baking sheet

When I first started out we lived in a small duplex with mismatched furniture. I had to make the most of what that looked like. At the time we didn’t have a lot of money to buy all the pretty things I wanted so desperately. But I learned how to make do with what we had. To make the best of it. If you can learn to make the best of your situation no matter what that is, you can spark joy in what you are doing for yourself and your home.

I would find small ways to bring beauty in and make our space more enjoyable.

Like grabbing a grocery store bouquet or covering our ugly couch with a pretty blanket.

two girls at a table talking and creating joy in the home

Sometimes that bouquet of flowers is all you can do. However, that small bit of flowers brought in can make all the difference when we pass a space several times in a day. I would find cheap table clothes from the thrift store, and still do so that I could switch up the table and freshen the space. I find still doing this is something I look forward to.

Bringing in pockets of beauty doesn’t have to cost much if anything at all. Lighting a candle after cleaning the kitchen or playing classical music in our homes can provide a cozy joyful feeling in our spaces .The point though, is to find small touches of beauty to add to our everyday.

“Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.

Henri Nouwen”

With the rain outside it seems like a good idea to make some cookies. These are Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies that I make with coconut oil in place of butter. Below you can find the link for the recipe.

cookies on a plate to help create joy in the home

I hope you have found value in some of my tips for creating a joyful home. If all else fails, bake some cookies and enjoy the people in your home.

As always I want to thank you so much for joining me today. I hope you have enjoyed your time here with me today.

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