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Simple Living in Summer | Savor the Season

Simple living in summer is a time of fresh cooking, leisurely days spent on the hammock, taking a swim, or enjoying a good book in the shade. Come along with us as we savor the season on our California homestead.

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Simple Living in Summer

A quick scroll of the internet in search of simple living inspiration might have landed you here. The most obvious question you likely have right about now is how simple living is any different in summer than at other times of the year.

The reality is the fundamentals of simple living remain the same no matter what season we are in. Life lived in simplicity is often slower paced, centered on being content and focused on the present moment. If you seek to live a simpler life, allow me to share the post Simple Living Explained to help better guide you on that journey.

Simple living in summer is exceptional in the sense that this season is all about abundance. Offering up sunshine-filled days, a break from school, and a peek time to enjoy nature. There is so much to be savored and today I am sharing a few of the highlights we enjoy on these slow warm days ahead. I hope you enjoy coming along as we welcome summer on our homestead.

Summers Early Arrival

There is something quite magical about summer’s arrival. Though the heat is difficult to contend with, there is a beauty in this season that is hard to ignore. Free from the confines of a school schedule there is now time to indulge in an afternoon swim. Suddenly the countless hours of pool care seem worth it.

woman sitting and reading poolside

Summer to us is gelato on a hot day, and curling up with a good book to read after lunch or a swim.

Summer speaks abundance for all things. The breeze blows in just before noon and before the heat kicks in. The birds are loud with song and the squirrels are too busy to notice us. Often stealing fruit or a head of a sunflower. Their small bodies glide across the grass hidden by stolen goods twice their size. With the abundance of all things, summer is a free for all, and I don’t mind.

It’s a time of frequent runs to the farmer’s market and vegetables grown from our garden to wash. I like to set out bowls of fruit and fresh produce to snack on. A quick pass through the kitchen while grabbing a few cherry tomatoes, yes, please!

fresh berries, lemons and tomatoes

Picnic Season

Before it gets too hot, lunches outside are preferred. Sitting outside enjoying the breeze of the day. The change of scenery makes these days feel special. Especially if it’s in the form of a picnic in the garden. Something seems leisurely about summer days. The extra time affords us moments to stop and just be in the quiet of the day. The summer uniform is light dresses paired with comfortable sandals. The meals are more casual with cold selections over hot for most lunches.

woman sitting at a picnic in a simple living asthetic

This day’s picnic is a basket filled with last night’s fried chicken, and finger foods which are easy enough to throw together.

Summer’s charm is in the small things like carrying out a basket of food and our favorite picnic blanket. It’s in the joy of sitting under the shade of a tree, delighting in conversation, and sharing a book.

A favorite part of the season for me is filling mason jars, vases, and really any jar I can find with fresh flowers cut from the garden. Summer is the only season that it is possible to fill them weekly and set them about the house.

a vase of fresh flowers

What We Are Cooking

Cooking in summer is lighter, fresh, and simple. Using ingredients from the garden or from the local farm stand is a must. This mushroom and asparagus quiche is delicious both warm or chilled as leftovers. I try to create meals from fresh vegetables, with the least amount of cooking as possible since the heat from the day can easily overwhelm the kitchen.

an asparagus quiche on a table

I can hardly write a post on summer without mentioning some of our favorite recipes to enjoy this season so here goes…

All of which taste like summer to us. Fresh, and simple to make. The summer kitchen does away with the slow simmering pots of winter. Replacing them with fresh vegetables, fruits, and grilled meats.

Choosing to Live Simply By Seasons

Every season can indeed be lived simply and surely they are as a simple lifestyle isn’t determined by any sort of change in the weather. However, simple living itself can be enhanced through the acknowledgment of seasonal changes and when we look forward to what is to come in each one. They undoubtedly are.

Summer is a time of beauty, abundance, and simple pleasures that can be found all around. I encourage you to seek them in your every day. And to savor the season.

Thank you so much for joining me today. I hope you have enjoyed your time here.

Here’s to celebrating summer, simply.

For more simple living inspiration be sure to check out this playlist and the simple living tab. There you will find all sorts of simple living inspiration, ideas, and tips for living a simple life.

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