Homemaking on the Homestead

Homemaking on the Homestead is a time for indoor and outdoor chores. Come along with me while I get it all done. I hope you enjoy today’s video and post.

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Life here consists of feeding animals, shoveling away their poop, cleaning the house, cooking meals, homeschooling and working of course. My days are full but busy doing the most ordinary of things. Though none of this may seem spectacular or even a tad glamorous. There is no place on earth where I’d rather be. Or anyone I’d rather be doing them with.

The world tells us that ordinary living is nothing special. That we ought to pursue grand living and that our success is measured by our belongings or places we have traveled.

I say it is everyday life that is grand. These are the real adventures of life.

Getting lost in the small details of a day is momentous. They are fleeting and yet everywhere all around us for the taking.

We live much of our time right here in this little country house. Tucked away on a quiet street.

a cleaned kitchen for homemaking

If you are new here, welcome. If you value the simple things in life, you are in good company.

It wasn’t always this way for me. After college, and when my daughter started kindergarten.

I began working as a lender for a mortgage company. A place where the goals were set high and an ever looming hustle mentality was glorified.

During days spent in meetings, my mind would often wander off and a yearning for being in my own space would fill me. I wanted to be with the person I loved most, tending to her needs and creating a home when she arrived from school. It seemed like a distant dream too far to ever be realized.

Newly a single parent after the passing of her father. It was just the two of us. I had to adopt this hustle mentality for our survival.

Silver Lining

However it wasn’t all in vain, it got us here.

When I had enough saved, I made the decision to strip away the excess from my life. I began a budget and slowly worked on my way of thinking. What could I eliminate? What could we do without? Even more substantial, can I be full as a human being letting go of it all?

In doing so, I felt the resistance from peers and the judgement often as I started this new life. Trying to explain to anyone that those big massive goals on your poster board simply didn’t matter. They were only written to fill in blanks and influenced by what I saw others pursuing. What could I give my child that was far more than any money earned?

It was simple.

My time. I want to be fully available, present, and live right alongside my daughter. Living life together. So here we are, just the two of us.

We made it.

Whatever we pursue in life, the important thing is that it makes sense to us. That it is worthy of our attention. We have to be brave enough to change what we don’t like.

And we have to jump, even if it is alone.

Morning kisses. Getting up, putting on my boots and met her outside for morning chores. Sitting at the table for meals and conversation. Reading with our tea on the couch. Ending a days worth of work. Only to rise tomorrow.

breakfast dishes that need cleaning
a garden on a homestead

Then begin again.

It is a simple life. But a beautiful one.

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homemaking washing dishes

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