Leftover Sourdough Bread Recipes

Today I am sharing some of my favorite ways to use up old sourdough loaves with these Leftover Sourdough Bread Recipes.

Bread baking is such a wonderful skill to add to your kitchen. It is something that evolves. Starting with an easy loaf like my No-Knead Artisan Loaf is a great way to get into bread baking. Although I am not a beginner bread baker I do find myself without a fed starter wanting to bake bread at times. So that is a great one even if you are not necessarily a beginner.

No matter if you are a beginner or not, you will likely have half-eaten loaves sitting on your counter. It is just part of it, isn’t it?

It happens to us all. We bake a loaf and sometimes those loaves don’t get eaten right away. That day-old or sometimes several days old bread is still edible. Just sitting there needing to be used. The last thing we ought to do is toss it out for goodness sake. Especially when we went through the trouble of baking it in the first place.

That is why having a few key recipes to ensure that we know just how to use them. Is an essential idea for all bread bakers? These recipes I am sharing with you today are my very favorites when using up those leftover sourdough bread loaves.

Why I Love These Leftover Recipes

When I first began this whole bread-baking journey. I would have half-eaten loaves laying on my countertop. As you know, baking a loaf of bread, especially sourdough takes time, energy, patience, and a lot of prep work. Having done all of that just to wind up tossing half the loaf to our chickens wasn’t something I wanted to continue doing.

I have learned many many things in this whole simple living and homesteading sort of lifestyle. One of the greatest lessons learned was really how to utilize what we have and create a lot of something from nothing. These recipes have not only saved multiple half-eaten loaves from being chicken food. But they work wonderfully for quick easy meals as well. Suddenly, having a half-eaten loaf of bread on the countertop is an asset.

Sourdough Veggie Breakfast Strata

We love all sorts of sourdough strata for breakfast. These are even more versatile than a quiche if you can believe that. For this one, in particular, I have written up a recipe I love to make. But this is one that you can use as a base to add or take away whatever you like. I find 6 eggs to be a good amount for half of a standard leftover sourdough loaf (about 2 cups cubed).

a blend of eggs, sourdough bread and veggies

Simple Veggie Breakfast Strata Recipe

1 bell pepper

1/2 of a red onion

1 cup sliced mushrooms

6 eggs

1/2 loaf cubed bread (about 2 cups)

1/2 cup white cheese

olive oil

salt and pepper to taste


Heat a cast-iron skillet and drizzle the pan with olive oil to coat it. Cube the bread and begin cooking in the skillet. While the bread cooks, chop the veggies. When the bread has toasted a little add the veggies to the skillet. Salt and pepper the pan contents. Crack the eggs into a bowl and scramble. Pour eggs in and allow them to cook. Stir to mix well. Top with cheese if you like. Best served with a side of salsa.

Sourdough French Toast Bake

The perfect way to start a weekend or even make during the week if you have the time. It’s simple to throw together and such a great use of left over sourdough loaves.

sourdough french toast skillet

No Fuss French Onion Soup

A delicious satisfying soup to make and a wonderful way to use up that leftover sourdough bread. I slice it in baguette-sized portions, toast it up with some olive oil and it is perfect for this soup.

no fuss french onion soup in a cocotte for a leftover sourdough bread recipe


One of the first ways I began using up our leftover sourdough loaves and probably one you might have tried as well. For me, homemade croutons are the only way to go. Those packaged ones in the salad aisle have no place on a salad. Like most homemade items, once you make them you don’t want the pre-packaged kind.

Homemade croutons can be used to top soups, dinner salads, or even part of a little snack plate with fruit and cheese.

homemade croutons for a leftover sourdough recipe


To make croutons cube up the leftover bread. Heat a cast-iron skillet and heavily drizzle the entire pan with olive oil or avocado oil until well coated. Add the cubed bread to the hot skillet. Salt and pepper the cubed bread or you can use an herb-infused salt (garlic salt works nicely too).

The bread absorbs the oil quickly so I like to also drizzle the top with another 1/4 cup or so. Cook the bread until it’s nice and golden crisp. You can store your homemade croutons in a storage bag for up to a week. Although croutons are best used freshly made as they tend to lose their crispy texture.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post along with trying some or all of these leftover sourdough bread recipes in your kitchen. Recipes like this are so useful in my kitchen and I find these to be some of the best options to create a “fast” food in a pinch. Which we all know is sometimes necessary. Mealtimes come quickly and it helps to have recipes like this on hand.

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