Winter Rest and Self-Care as Homemakers

It’s that cozy time of year again, the perfect time for Winter Rest and Self-Care as Homemakers.

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These days begin a little slower. The dark chill of the morning disguises itself as earlier than it is. I stumble to the kitchen to heat the water for my coffee press, noticing the time is later than usual. I don’t mind the late start, something that normally would have troubled me in the past.

Only fairly recently did I recognize my inability to give myself grace while offering it so freely to others. What a notion, to give ourselves grace and kindness. Something that ought to be second nature and yet for whatever reason, it is not so second nature to many of us. Certainly not me.

Today I would like to dive into and share with you what self-care and winter rest look like around here. My hope is to help you find ways to care for yourselves so that you can care well for others.

Taking Time for Ourselves

This time of year brings about a sense of peace within our home. The cold days call for more rest than work. Somehow the priority is baking over my standard to-do list. Winter is a time of rest and reflection. Not just for planning goals or setting resolutions. Reflecting is more about noticing where we stand currently. Taking stock of where the year has ended up. Giving gratitude to the things about our lives that have come to us through prayer, and purpose.

woman in kitchen

It is a gift to ourselves to work in the quiet and to ponder on such things. Allowing the pressures of life to keep at bay even if just for a few moments. These intentional small acts are forms of self-care. A term we often hear associated with spa days or lavish purchases.

Yet, real self-care is for the body, mind, and spirit. It is for our overall well-being. So that we might endure the enormous task of everyday living. As women, we have a hard time shutting off from work mode because the work of a mother or homemaker does not have set hours. Work can bleed into the night and for many, can start at the crack of dawn.

Making time for things we enjoy doing is as important as the work we are taking a break from while we do them.

On this particular day, I decided on baking with my daughter, and a trip out to the library to refresh our book supply as a nice break away from the norm. While there I was able to pick up several classic books to read together. For days of rest wrapped in a blanket with a book while the weather does its worst outside.

After finishing up our baking project and tidying up the kitchen, it was time for tea.

Forms of Self Care

With a pot of tea heating on the stove, I am taking a few minutes to water my plants. Standing in the quiet with only the sound of a simmering teapot and my plants to keep me company. I find this quiet time to be necessary and easy to embrace on a day like this.

It is not every day that the house can be so quiet, especially if you have little ones around. But if you can find just a few quiet moments, to enjoy, don’t waste them scrolling on social media. Try to allow your mind to rest. It helps us to become more present in life’s moments.

woman watering plants

Tea Time

For afternoon tea I am also taking time for myself to do some reading. I finally got my hands on Miss Sally Clarkson’s book, The Life Giving Home. So far, it is more than I had even anticipated.

woman reading and drinking tea

Allowing myself the luxury of sitting with a book for the rest of the afternoon is one of my favorite self-care acts to do during these winter months. Reading something that feeds my soul is an added bonus.

Beauty Nights

Every week I do an at-home beauty night. That usually starts with a mask and a glass of wine or another cup of tea. I like to use a sugar scrub for my hands and feet. On this particular night, I even applied a face mask to wear as I painted my nails. Then finally I comb through this natural hair mask to leave on overnight. After rinsing off the face mask, I apply a natural lavender all-over-body butter. It leaves my skin feeling soft and silky. A treat that feels luxurious.

woman in the bathroom doing her self care routine

All of this sounds more time-consuming than it is. I do this in a matter of minutes and it is worth the small effort. I feel taken care of, feminine, and ready to embrace another week of housework, and life.

The day ends with more reading from Sally’s book before bed. The book is inspiring and hard to put down. I find it the perfect way to end this restful day.

Final Thoughts

Taking the time to care for ourselves is essential to our lives. Doing so shouldn’t feel wrong or give you feelings of guilt. We have all heard the saying that we cannot pour from an empty cup. So as these cold winter days begin, I hope you find ways to care for yourself. Allow for rest, to do things you love and even include a beauty night here and there.

I hope you have enjoyed coming along for this Winter Rest & Self Care for the Homemaker post. For more homemaking inspiration be sure to visit the homemaking tab. There you will find all sorts of homemaking ideas, inspiration, and encouragement.

Until next time,

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