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Beauty in the Ordinary is a post highlighting the beauty captured in the ordinary life of a homemaker. Join me for a day of simple living and homemaking while I harvest garden veggies, preserve them, and do some rainy day baking.

Enjoy The Video Version

Oddly enough during the filming of this video, we encountered both rainfall, and sunshine in the forecast. The weather has been a bit off this summer. But off in the very best ways. We have seen a few rare showers through summer while also a much milder heat. I can’t remember when it rained in the hotter months. Yet to my surprise it rained, once again.

Allowing for a day of baking and the sharing of this exceptional recipe for a Rustic French Apple Tart. Deciding to capture the creation of this pastry on a rainy afternoon and share it here with you. I hope you will take a moment to enjoy the video and see the cinematic Beauty in the Ordinary captured there.

24 Hours Ago…

The end of summer draws near. Today is warm but there is a nice breeze in the air and as you know, tomorrow we have rain in the forecast. Just up the road from my house is my mother’s home. These grapes will soon be turned into wine and I hope I can share the process with you in the coming weeks.

beauty in the ordinary showing grapes on grapevines

Today I have picked a few apples to bake for tomorrow and we are harvesting veggies from her garden. Later I will preserve what I can from it since there is too much to eat before it turns.

a garden showing its beauty

The garden is packed full and we can’t seem to harvest fast enough before things get overgrown. A product of my mother’s daily work, this place has grown massive. Providing enough to begin a produce stand. A possibility for next year.

There is nothing quite like a garden is there?

Plucking fresh food straight from nature and then bringing it inside to enjoy. I love the display it creates sitting in the kitchen and dining area. Nothing says summer like large bowls of produce sitting about the house. I have decided that I will be freezing most of this squash to enjoy during the colder months ahead.

dishes filled with freshly harvested veggies from the garden

Freezing is a simple process that consists of cutting the squash up, blanching it, and then adding it to vacuum sealer bags. I find freezing the squash helps keep it from becoming too mushy to use later. When defrosted I can sauté them in butter, roast them, and add them to soups.

packing tomatoes into a baking dish to preserve

For the tomatoes, I decided to make a sauce for dinner and pack the rest of the tomatoes into olive oil. Which is my absolute preferred method of canning. It does require fridge space so it’s not a great option for large batches especially if you don’t have a lot of extra fridge space. If you’d like to learn more about packing tomatoes into olive oil, I will leave a link from the blog below. This is also a very simple process and that results in delicious jarred tomatoes that keep well for long periods.

pan seared squash and fresh tomato sauce over

Tonight’s dinner is a simple fresh tomato sauce that consists of garlic, fresh herbs, wine, and chopped tomatoes simmered on the stovetop. The squash I am going to slice into larger halves and pan sear in olive oil and sea salt with pepper. The meal in its entirety comes from the garden.

After just a few minutes in the oven, our tomatoes are now ready to be jarred and refrigerated. I like to remove the skins before adding the olive oil. I keep these in the refrigerator as long as the tomatoes keep underneath the oil. They will last for several weeks.

jarred tomatoes from the garden for beauty in the ordinary

Thank you so much for joining me today. I hope you have enjoyed your time spent here. For more homemaking inspiration and posts similar to Beauty in the Ordinary be sure to check out the homemaking tab.

Recipes From The Video

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