Fall Tea in the Garden

Today is a Fall Tea in the Garden with a fresh apple pie kind of day. Baking a fresh apple pie to mark the fall season and enjoying a fall tea in the garden.

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Every day begins the same for me it seems. Time at the computer, a quick check on the animals, and coffee. The work of life follows with cooking, household duties, and homeschooling. Though the days are sweet, they do require a bit of shaking up every so often. Taking a moment to create a bit of beauty, allowing the dishes to wait, and deciding that an afternoon under the trees takes precedence.

The sweet special moments of the fall season are times when I find myself stepping away more often for these moments. The outdoor weather is pleasant. The beautiful trees slowly changing and the birds are happy as if it were springtime. An outdoor baking session followed by a simple, cozy picnic in the garden. Might we delight in the little things that life has to offer? To see the abundance around us and to live in moments allowing time to stop even if just for a moment.

Our Annual Apple Pie

“May your hands be an extension of your heart and may you do the work of love with them.”

Aja Monet

Fall is finally upon us. The leaves are slightly turning and the air feels cool. A nice change from the brutal heat of summer. Each fall, I like to make an apple pie to mark the change of the season. With today’s cool breeze in the air, I decided to come outside and listen to the birds as I work.

woman making an apple pie outside

There is something so peaceful and sublime about the sound of nature. Busy at work all around us. To come out here and just sit brings me a sense of calm.

Busy at work myself with this pie, it might not seem practical or wise to stop on a busy Monday just to bake. But the ability to slow down and appreciate life has become meaningful. And as my daughter grows, I find myself trying to steal time with her. I want all the moments that are possible in a day.

apple pie filling in a bowl

Raising children feels like a flash of time, eaten up far too quickly. Worrying about how clean the house is can wait. For now, it’s a fall pie, a small sweet tradition I hope to keep.

Setting a Scene

To go along with our pie, I am going to put together a little fall tea in the garden for our reading time.

I choose a space in the garden under a trellis. I tied sheets to the top for shade as even too much sun on a fall day can feel warm. The space is dressed up with a few pots of mums I stole from our patio area. A bale of straw acts as a makeshift table while a checkered piece of fabric lays across as a rustic tablecloth.

fall tea in the garden with mums and a table set

My grandmother’s China is set out and as always, a single candle is lit evoking a feeling of elegance even in this small homey scene.

an apple pie on a serving platter

Once the pie cooled, it was brought out on a serving tray alongside a pot of tea and a small pitcher of cream.

The scene is cozy, charming, and just what a Fall Tea in the Garden should be. We enjoyed our annual pie, tea, and a silly tween book series my daughter enjoys reading to me.

a fall tea in the garden with a hay bale and China
fall tea in the garden with china on a hay bale

Thank you so much for joining me today for our Fall Tea in the Garden. I hope you will take a few moments to enjoy the video.

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