Fall Homemaking Inspiration [Cozy Fall Baking and Mums]

Come along for some fall homemaking inspiration on the list of to-dos is cozy fall baking, filling our pots with mums and getting ready for the season.

The days are cooler, the candlelights are flickering once again inside and the sourdough starter is alive and well. My dark cool kitchen feels like a ghost town at the start of the day. A stark contrast to the hot bright summer mornings just weeks before. I light a candle straight away and enjoy brewing the day’s first cup of coffee in a candlelit kitchen.

Fall is an incredible time in the home as there is so much this season offers. Yet, I know not every day can feel so magical. If you are in need of some fall homemaking inspiration today, look no further. I invite you along for a cozy day of baking, sprucing up, and closing down the garden.

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Morning Treats

Fall has come to us. The morning air is crisp, and we are finally getting some rain later this week.

I have decided to make baked apples this morning for breakfast as a special treat. A simple recipe that is both fun to make and a delicious way to enjoy this season. I love mornings like these. When the windows are open and we are just getting things started for the day.

cored apples ready for baking

In all the things I get to do in my life. None compares to the fulfillment I get from going about creating life within my home. I realize that the reality of homemaking isn’t just about keeping a home. But in the purpose of the work itself and the heart behind it.

I think I have always had a heart for home. I felt that bit of magic in the first place I ever had to call my own. It was in the simplest things I did. Arranging flowers for the table or putting up a wallpaper border in the middle of the night in our hall bathroom. Something sparked in me that still drives me now.

As homemakers, we have this unique opportunity to create lasting memories and fond feelings of home. With even something as simple as a baked apple on a fall morning.

baked apples for fall baking

The Fall Garden

The garden has dried up and many of the beds are filled with weeds. After all the summer heat, it became unbearable to be out here. Sometimes you have to let things go and I find the garden is one of those things in the latter part of summer for me. I have been working to rip out the dried-up plants from the garden beds little by little. Most of the flowers you see were dried intentionally on their stems for easy seed collection.

dried plants in fall for seed saving

So while I am out here today I am going to collect as many seeds as I can from the hollyhocks. Hollyhocks are hardy drought-tolerant flowers that spread easily. I have many colors and so it’s important to label them. One of the best parts of keeping a garden is the ability to share with others. I like packaging up small packets of seeds to give away.

I am just separating the shell from the seeds and labeling each envelope with the colors to store until I am ready to divide them.

woman holding dried seeds to harvest in fall

After pulling out so many dead plants, I decided to head over to a small nursery up the road and grab some replacement flowers. I am really wanting to develop a space that feels like Tuscany. But that will take years to develop but each time I come I check for olive trees and lemons. More lavender and rosemary. These plants all do well here in California with our hot, dry climate.

Little Fall Touches

I couldn’t find any Mediterranean type plants today. But I did find these mums that will work nicely to add greenery and color. They will also add a nice touch of fall out here in the coming weeks.

mum plants for fall

It’s always disappointing to pull out dead plants that you had high hopes for. As much as I try, I lose them each change of the season.

I suppose it’s like anything else we do. We have to keep at it with new hope.

For this space, I have a big vision of those beautiful Mediterranean plants blowing in the breeze. Vines climb the pergola and a rustic farmhouse table to sit many. But these things all take time. In the meantime, I will show this space as it is now because as much as it isn’t nearly finished or perfect in any way. It was something I once could only dream of. And while not quite what I want it to be, it is still a place to enjoy and appreciate.

mums planted alongside a backyard in fall

What I am Cooking

What might a fall dinner look like around here? Well after all that planting. I decided on a simple foil-baked salmon dish. You might find that surprising, as it doesn’t exactly scream fall. But some nights just call for a very easy dish and this one is that for me. Especially when you can find such high-quality salmon in the freezer section these days. I like serving it with a side of rice and veggies. Or, to make it even simpler, I add it to large dinner salads.

salmon baked in foil

As we wind down for the day, and I am able to hit the button on the dishwasher, I feel a sense of accomplishment. Little everyday bits that I contribute from my heart add to the pleasantness of our home. It is not necessarily about how much can be done, but the heart behind it all. I hope as you go through your homemaking week, that you are able to add a similar contribution to your home and feel accomplished for having done it.

Thank you for joining me for today’s Fall Homemaking Inspiration post.

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