Summer Homemaking Tips: A Guide to Enjoying the Season

Sharing some summer homemaking tips and ideas to help you enjoy the season to the fullest!

Summer is essentially a time to slow down; the days feel a little lazier, the kids are home and the sun is shining. Naturally, we homemakers want in on the fun too. But there is a home to keep up with and a dinner to be made. What is summer homemaking without the indulgence of these relaxed times? I want to give you a few of my summer homemaking tips, along with a few ideas for enjoying the season.

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Double or Triple Recipes

Being strategic in how you cook during the summer months can save you loads of time and allow you a bit more leisure. Doubling up or even tripling up on recipes is a great way to do a little batch-style cooking while not skimping on the quality of meals you serve.

Recipes like this Lasagna with Béchamel or Mushroom Asparagus Quiche are perfect for this as making one is about as difficult as making two. Plus, they are just as delicious when made ahead of time. But think of recipes that you can do this with, and that will surely save you time in the kitchen.

Let The Kids Help

If you have children around 4 and up, enlist their help. Little hands can be mighty. I know us moms a lot of times want our kids to enjoy their summer days as much as possible. But that does not mean that they can’t help us at home. Ask them to sweep the floor after breakfast, pick up dishes, fold laundry, and wipe down the table. Asking them for help and allowing them to feel he

Get More Wears Between Washes

Ok, you might be thinking, eww. But hear me out on this. I too have a set of comfy clothes that I like to wear while lounging or on cleaning days. The lounge clothes I can get a few uses out of them before they make their way to the laundry bin. They aren’t exactly getting dirty by me watching a movie in them. It’s sort of the same idea with kids. My daughter will come out in a couple of different outfits in a day, and if I were to wash each one of those, my laundry would be piled high.

If your children change a couple of times in the day, check the clothes before tossing them into the laundry basket. Often they aren’t actually dirty, and you can get at least one more use from them before they make it to the wash pile. I will say if you have rough-and-tumble boys, this might not work. But checking the clothes and getting another use out of them can help save you from having every day be laundry day.

Get Up Early (still)

I know summer is so tempting to sleep in a little. Chances are the kiddos are likely snuggled up a little longer these days too. That is unless you just so happen to have an early riser. But whatever the case, getting up early will allow you to ease into the morning and get a few things done before lunch or even breakfast if you are motivated enough. In this way, you can feel more accomplished and allow for more leisure during the remaining parts of the day.

Think Easy Meals

Yes, we are gonna talk about meals again. How can I talk about summer homemaking tips without the topic of easy meals? As we all know cooking is a major part of the homemaker’s day. Even when you love to cook, cooking 3 times a day is not always enjoyable.

Especially if your kitchen gets steamy on really hot days like mine does. Think quick and easy, even cold meals. Making batches of pasta or potato salad to keep on hand for dishing out. For snacks, these Quick No-Bake Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars are great. Here are a few other quick meal ideas that work perfectly for summer:

  • Avocado toast
  • Quick Meatballs with Sauce (for meatball subs)
  • Grilled meats and veggies
  • Hummus on pita bread or grilled toast
  • Cucumber Sandwiches
  • Crockpot Macaroni and Cheese
  • Taco Salad
  • Vegetarian burritos
  • Homemade Individual Pizzas using naan as the base
  • Quesadillas (add summer veggies or leave plain)
  • Fruit and cheese platters (add crackers, bread cubes, olives, pretzels to make it your own, etc)

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Wear Sundresses

This might not seem like it should be a on summer homemaking tips list, but this list is about enjoying the summer as a homemaker. Wearing pretty sundresses during this season is not only more comfortable, but it is also a great way to enjoy summer. Wearing one will make you feel pretty, feminine, and put together, even on these warm days of staying home. Every time I wear one and go about my day at home, I feel a little more joyful, and that is the magic of sundresses. I have been loving this bohemian-style wrap dress this season as it is comfortable and flattering.

Plant Some Flowers

One of my favorite things about summer homemaking is the abundance of flowers. Normally during the year, I am reduced to grocery store bouquets if they are on sale to place on the kitchen table. But in summer, flowers grow so easily, and the right varieties will grow just as quickly as you can snip them. Here are some easy-to-grow flowers in case you need some ideas.

I love snipping them and making little farmhouse bouquets to place on nightstands, bathrooms, and the kitchen counter. I highly suggest having a small-cut flower garden to help enhance your summer homemaking.

Robot Vacuum

If possible, invest in a robot vacuum. I know, not a cheap thing to buy, but worth it. I have this Roomba that I was gifted for Christmas last year from my mother, so I got lucky. But let me tell you, after having one, I would for sure invest in another when this one dies. At first, I figured it would just be a cool extra gadget to use from time to time.

When I am busy or just need to get things going, I pop this thing on, and it sweeps my floors for me ensuring they are picked up and looking clean. I also like to pop it on in the morning while I work at my desk. That way, my floors get a good once-over at the start of the day. So if you can, summer is a great time to get one.

Allow The Dishes To Sit Longer

Yes, you read that right. Allow the dishes to sit a little longer. I know many of us can’t seem to relax if something needs our attention. However, life is to be lived and enjoyed, especially in the summertime. Often we are so hard on ourselves and feel guilty about spending extra time in the garden or sitting and reading a chapter of a book. It’s not just about working and making things perfect. So I hope that you can let things go a little and embrace the season for the sake of enjoying summer.

a kitchen sink cleaned

Final Thoughts

Lets do a recap here…

  • Double up on recipes whenever you cook so that you have extra meals ready.
  • Allow the kids to help more, even if it means it’s not done to your standard or as quickly as you’d like. Done is better than perfect.
  • Rewear lightly worn clothes and check the kids clothes before putting them in the hamper to save on having to do so many washes.
  • Invest in a robot vacuum to keep those floors cleaned.
  • Think easy when meal planning to help get the food on the table quicker and with less work.
  • Wear summer dresses to feel pretty, put together and comfortable.
  • Grow cut flowers to savor the season.

And lastly, let those dishes sit longer, meaning; it’s ok to ease up a little. If it means you get to sit with the kids longer and enjoy a craft or work out in the garden longer. So be it. The dishes will be there when you get back. I hope you have enjoyed today’s summer homemaking tips.

Happy summer to you!

For more summer homemaking tips, and inspiration visit A Quaint Life on YouTube.

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