Kitchen Refresh | Prepping For Spring

Today I am in the kitchen doing a Kitchen Refresh and Prepping for Spring. Join me while I tackle some deep cleaning, retouching the paint on my cabinets and make a lavender garland.

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Today I am going to be doing some spring cleaning in the kitchen but first I need to change our filters out for the season.

Taking down the orange garland from the kitchen window was the last bit of winter decor. It feels great to get it out of here.

Although I do this freshening up with every season change, the difference for me with spring is that it feels lighter. I want things to be less focused on cozy aspects and more so on cleanliness, and bringing beauty in.

The Kitchen

The kitchen seems to need the most attention in the house and so I. think its a good place to start.

These jars get pretty dirty being in the kitchen and many of them need to be refilled. The shelf itself needs some attention as well. So I am getting these all down and getting them cleaned up. Along with the shelf.

kitchen jars with food for pantry storage

I use these glass jars for pretty much anything in my kitchen. From storage to jarring jams or holding our homemade yogurt and they even work as vases for flower arrangements.

I especially love these flip-top ones although they are a little trickier to clean. I am using my natural all purpose spray to clean these since these are used for food storage.

Overall I think these jars bring a little extra charm to my kitchen and to the food that is stored in them so it’s worth it for me to clean them every once in a while.

kitchen jars with food for pantry storage

It really is amazing what a little deep cleaning can do to a space.

freshly painted cabinets in a kitchen
kitchen after

I painted these cabinets myself. It was a beast of a job but I wanted to make this kitchen reflect our life here and be as beautiful as I could make it myself. That is without doing any major remodeling.

old kitchen before being refreshed
Kitchen Before

This is the kitchen when I purchased it, and as you can tell, it’s come a long way.

an old white plain kitchen
kitchen before
kitchen refreshed with painted cabiinets
kitchen after

When you paint cabinets at times they tend to need touching up every now and again. I keep a small jar of paint under my sink and sponge brushes to make it easy.


Scents are so powerful in that they create a vibe within our spaces. When the seasons change so do our essential oil blends.

I like a more citrusy smell during the warmer months, so I am using grapefruit and lavender today. The citrus is also a perfect touch to this freshly cleaned space.

kitchen window all cleaned and refreshed
kitchen after

Other Touches

Now that the kitchen is all cleaned and the cabinets are freshly touched up. I want to bring in something from the garden. I think I am going to pop outside and grab some lavender to make us a couple of lavender garlands to hang.

kitchen refresh with a new garland hanging over the window

The ones I make are nothing special, just some twine and scissors. I cut them in bundles, string them across the twine, and clip the clothespins to them so they stay in place as they tend to slide. I think they look cute with the clothes pins still clipped on too.

a cleaned kitchen work table

The kitchen feels much better. Thank you so much for joining me today. I hope you are inspired to freshen up your space for spring and that you enjoy todays video.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

“Spring work is going on with joyful enthusiasm.”

John Muir

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