Tackling Clutter, Small Steps for a Big Impact

Today I am tackling clutter in the home with small steps for a big impact. I am in the kitchen deep cleaning and organizing the food while making homemade yogurt. Join me for a bit of homemaking inspiration and a discussion on how we can start the new year off right.

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Small Steps for a Big Impact

The day of a homemaker is not always a glamorous place to be. More often than not the day can be filled with mundane repetitive tasks that result in a cleaner space and a tired woman. Long days of scrubbing and deep cleaning will do that to a person.

We crave the bits of beauty that we get to bring into our homes as homemakers. Those fun more appealing moments of beautifying a clean space. Yet one cannot exist without the other. After all, what is a beautiful space if it is not clean?

However, I am not one to believe we need to have an entire day committed to deep cleaning or tackling clutter. Little bits of effort each day to tackle these spaces in our homes surely add up. What I have noticed is when I pick one item to add to my list for the day. I still feel accomplished but not overwhelmed.

A day for the pantry, another for the pots and pan drawer.

I have been going about my home in the new year with what feels like new eyes.

I am seeing the small bits of clutter that have begun in the corners of my home throughout the year.

Those small overlooked stacks of junk mail and collection of not so flattering clothing we tend to hang on to. They stack up and create the eye sore of clutter.

On The To-Do List

Today it is the refrigerator I am tackling in my many daily tasks. The thought of swinging open that door one more time to stare at the unorganized stacks of Tupperware or bundles of plastic grocery bags. It is enough to make me cringe. How can I call myself a homemaker with a fridge like this?

It is a hidden mess of sorts and one that needs attention. I confess in my hurry to get it all done it has been put off several more days past the ringing in of the new year. I find it easy to put things off when they can be hidden behind a door. Anot-so-flatteringg confession I know. But it is the reality.

At times we don’t want to do those in-depth tasks and feel the weight of them nagging at us in the backs of our minds. However when completed. It gives a sense of satisfaction that is extraordinary. Suddenly the opening of the fridge door is a pleasant experience.

food organized into small bowls

We don’t realize the added burden to our day when passing these little messes.

I say a clean sweep of the house to jot down what needs doing. Then going about each item one by one. Instead of thinking that we should tackle all in a day. It makes for a more realistic experience.

For me today it is the fridge. Tomorrow the pantry. Where will you start in tackling the clutter in this new year?

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