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Practicing Hospitality At Home

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Practicing hospitality at home. Starting with a friends birthday.

It was my best friends birthday the other day and while COVID is clearly still lingering around, I was not gonna let that spoil the celebration.

With limited options, I decided on a lunch at my home.

Nevertheless, it was to be made special. 

blueberry pie upclose practicing hospitality

After busting out a blueberry tart, chicken and a potato salad. It was clearly time to decorate. Whats a party without a bit of fanciness?

A boring party, thats what!

As important as the food is, the table setting is a close contender. 

practicing hospitality checkered table cloth wiith plates and glasses
napkin with lavender and twine tied to it

Nothing fussy. Just a neatly set table with real dishes and actual silverware.

I cut fresh lavender for the table settings, put on her favorite music, lit some candles and Voila! 

A birthday lunch was set. It is one of lifes most precious gifts,  to sit, talk and enjoy good food with the people you love.

 This year, if it has taught me anything, it has been to savor the small joys that life has to offer us. 

Creating a special atmosphere isn’t about the venue, swanky set up or even the cost for that matter. 

It’s about the intention behind it.

Good lighting helps as does some flowers and possibly the use of real dishes, as mentioned earlier,  for the table set up. 

blueberry tart on a floral plate practicing hospitality

Practicing Hospitality Food, Friends & Conversation

The lunch came out perfectly.  The conversation was much needed girlfriend time.

The memories will be there always. 

COVID or not,

I hope you will find small ways to celebrate the people in your life. 

With the value of community in mind, it seems glaringly obvious that the time we spend with one another is an important life experience. 

There are no things to buy, or places to visit that will love you back as the people in your life will. 

I am finding my love for hospitality. To serve others as they come into my space. 

buffalo checkered table cloth and a blueberry pie

A wise women once told me to have a bottle of bubbly chilled at all times and something warm on the stove.

At first thought this seemed to be something of an unattainable standard but of late am finding this to be my new standard.

One to live by and to live up to. 

Just dont test me on this, I am still a work in progress.

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Sharing is Caring

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