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Providing Sources for Homemaking Inspiration, joy, and ideas for dealing with loneliness. This is the second video in a new series called Coffee and Conversation on YouTube. In this series, I am answering reader and viewer questions in a more conversational style setting. I hope you enjoy today’s chat.

Something quite incredible is occurring here. As I continue on with this work I am beginning to find that many of you have real questions for me. Ones that I hadn’t even considered you might have in creating this sort of content as I do.

They are real everyday questions and although I love to be a source of inspiration. Give you a recipe to try or an idea for your home. I am starting to understand that on these platforms I can also possibly be a friend to you throughout your days.

I understand that it isn’t realistic to know everyone here on a personal basis. However, I can answer those questions. Create a conversation with them. Perhaps be an encourager in your day by giving practical advice. While sharing my thoughts with you on some of these things being asked.

The question for today that I will be answering is~

How do you stay motivated, and or inspired in your homemaking?

“Doing the same things every day I often feel lonely and isolated and it can be hard to find joy in what I am doing. Do you have moments like this and if so, what do you do?

When asked, I almost stopped in my tracks. Remembering back to when I first began being a mother and a homemaker. Knowing that many of you might feel this same way. Though we are all in different seasons of life. We can all feel these ways at any point.

The truth is, I still have those sorts of unmotivated, isolated moments where I have a hard time creating joy. However, they are fewer and further between these days. After much thought, I began a list.

Of several intentional things every single day that I do to ensure my mind is ready for well, life. Some days can be more difficult than others. But I find myself relying on a few staples that keep my mind in an inspired space. Ready to create and find joy throughout my days. I think it’s all about being prepared and making it a priority.

Real Self Care

Starting with some very pragmatic advice on caring for ourselves. After several conversations with other women in my personal life. I have realized not everyone is doing even the very basics. Some of us completely skip them altogether. So as much as I would like to point you to sources of inspiration straight out the gate. I do think it is significant to recognize the need for a healthy lifestyle first and foremost. I am not talking about jogging and eating kale chips.

Although those aren’t bad things to dismiss entirely. I am more so suggesting the small basic steps towards good health to be a focal point in your days. Keeping in mind, that our health and how we feel not just physically but about ourselves overall. Stems largely from how we care for ourselves. As women, it is no mystery that we often take a backseat to the people we love. Giving our all to our spouses and our children.

I suggest taking a moment to go down the list. Are you getting enough water, taking a multivitamin, eating healthy, moving your body, and getting enough sleep? If any of these are lacking. These basic but necessary steps are foundational in our day-to-day lives. So I would suggest improving on any of these that might be lacking currently.

Getting Dressed

Sticking on the physical for just a moment. Might I also suggest, getting dressed each day? Now this one is somewhat of a debatable topic. But I speak from my own experience with this. As a younger mother, I realized early on that each passage by the mirror amounted to something.

At the end of each bun in hair yoga pant day. I would find myself a little depressed, a little less energized. And if I am being totally honest. I would snap at people from time to time because of how I was feeling about myself.

It is hard to find joy in your days when you are not feeling good in your body and about yourself.

So let us start with these items and make them a priority. Shall we?

photo of a stack of books for sources for homemaking inspiration

Sources For Homemaking Inspiration


Weekly I head to the local library with my daughter so that we can both have a fresh set of books for the week. I love books on gardening, cooking, home decor, entertaining, and everything in between. The feel of a book in my hands, sifting through the pages to see all the lovely photographs and new ideas. It is a weekly habit that I am suggesting you take into account for your days.

Creating a habit of inspiring yourself and feeding your mind beautiful things will help you spark new ideas. Have something to look forward to and help you stay out of cooking ruts that we all can get into pretty quickly. Below I have shared a few of my favorite books, that I go back to time and time again for inspiration.

Finding Community

That lonely isolated feeling comes from not just being home but not being able to connect with another human being in an adult sense throughout our days. In this day, modern women are out of the house and working full-time jobs. Home has now become an afterthought for many women.

If you work from home or are a full-time homemaker. It can be difficult to find a friend or someone to relate to us that lives in this respect. Back in the days of our grandmothers, all they seemingly needed to do was walk out their front door to find another lady caring for her home. Someone she would chat with and tell her ideas to. That connection is important and for myself, I have had to go online to find it.

Instagram has been a remarkable source for finding other women who value the same things I do. Many of which write homemakers in their bios. Making them easy to find. One account I want to share with you is We’re The Homemakers Club. This is a group of women who come together each day and share their love for homemaking.

Ashley is the creator of this incredible club of homemakers around the globe. She has even started a wonderful podcast that I have been enjoying listening to as I go about my work. If you are craving community and fellowship with other homemakers like yourself. I hope you will seek it online and help rid yourself of that isolated feeling.

Audio Books | Music | Podcasts

What we feed our minds on daily basis matters. Finding quality audiobooks, blogs, podcasts, music, and the like. If you don’t have time to sit with a book for that motivation and inspiration you seek. Listening to something as I work takes my mind to a pleasant place. Even if just for entertainment purposes. Finding quality audiobooks to listen to at different points of your day can help bring bits of joy to your life. I have a few of my favorite ones to share with you below.

In addition to audiobooks, podcasts, and hardcover books. Music is always one that lifts my moods and listening to it while I go about my day makes the house more cheery. If all else fails, listen to music. Have it playing in your home. It is shocking how much a mood enhancer music can be.

If you enjoyed today’s conversation on Sources for Homemaking Inspiration, be sure to check out the entire Coffee and Conversation playlist. Where I discuss homemaking, simple living and everyday things to help elevate the everyday.

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My Favorite Sources for Homemaking Inspiration

Books That Inspire Me

French Country Cottage Gatherings by Courtney Allison

A Kitchen In France by Mimi Thorisson

The Artist, The Cook, and The Gardener by Maryjo Koch

Nigellisima Easy Italian Inspired Recipes by Nigella Lawson

Fun Podcasts for the Home

Were the Homemakers with Ashley Kraven

BBC Gardeners World Magazine Podcast

Old Fashioned on Purpose with Jill Winger

Favorite Alexa Stations

Classical Focus

Django Reinhardt

Classical Guitar

Brushland Radio

Favorite Audio Books

Nobody Will Tell You This But Me by Bess Kalb

Jane Eyre Read by Thandie Newton

Lessons From Madame Chic by Jennifer L. Scott

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