Setting the Table For a Dinner Party

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Last week I posted about an Easy Elegant Dinner Party Menu and this week I want to give some tips for Setting the Table For a Dinner Party.

One the of the best parts of putting a dinner party for me is, setting the table. There are so many choices and ways to achieve a beautiful look that there is no reason to complicate things. Simple and elegant is always a great way to go and today I am sharing just a few looks to hopefully inspire you and give you some ideas for your next dinner party.

Basic Rules For a Formal Set Up

Now for a formal dinner, there are a few rules you can decide to follow as far as placement goes. Generally speaking the plate is set center stage and everything else is positioned around it. The stemware and water goblets are placed on the right side of the dinner plate, while the dinner fork is on the left.

The knife and spoon should be placed with the blade facing the plate on the right side next to the spoon. Bread and butter plates are placed just above the forks on the left side.

I personally don’t follow any set of rules when hosting dinner parties for friends. However, if in the case of a formal setting, I’d likely adhere to the basic rules.

Whatever way you decide to go with your dinner party, remember ultimately people just like being invited.

Look # 1

For this look, I kept it simple and natural. With the use of a piece of fabric centered on the table in lieu of a tablecloth. This is a great option for those without a tablecloth on hand to use. The added bit of fabric brings texture and dimension to the table. Woven chargers are chosen as they play up the natural qualities of the natural look of the table. For a pop of color, a simple clear vase of beautiful orange roses make a statement as the center piece. The glassware is placed on the right hand side just above the navy blue dinner napkin and gold flatware is added for a bit of elegance.

Look # 2

Layering up a white table cloth and adding a striped piece of fabric to the center. This look is chic with the stripes, gold touches and fresh white backdrop. A small arrangement of roses make a simple centerpiece in a matching striped vase. We are breaking the formal rules this time by placing the flatware out of order. But I find it a fun and lovely way to place the settings. The napkin is rolled and held together with a piece of jute twine acting as a napkin ring holder. This is a simple way to make a faux ring holder that goes with any decor style.

Look # 3

For my final look today, I am using my nature themed china from the “Francesca” collection. The soft pink petals and green vinery go well with the woven chargers. I chose a more golden colored dinner napkin this time around as the nature colors play well with the yellowy tones. Opting for a crisp white table cloth, this is always a great place to start when selecting linens for a table. The bright white color pairs well with most looks and is very versatile. I find it worked well to brighten the nature aspect of the table.

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