12 Secrets On How To Live Beautifully At Home

Live beautifully at home with these 12 tips that will help create a an enjoyable living space and help you enjoy your space to the fullest.

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Living beautifully at home is something that has been long on my list of pursuits. I grew up in a stale environment where things weren’t necessarily appealing or made to be enjoyed. My mother was a woman who felt burdened by life and unable to see the joy in her role as a homemaker. Her mood reached every corner of the house and the distinct feeling of walking on eggshells has not left me, even now. There wasn’t much done to bring in comforts of any sort. You could rely on only the basics and sometimes not even that.

Joy, the resounding quality that a home thrives on. Our house was just a house and the most it promised was a place to hold our things.

As I grew into adulthood, I became increasingly aware of other people’s homes. How they looked, what sort of things their houses held that mine didn’t. But above all that, how they felt. There were a couple of experiences that stood out to me. It even changed me in some ways. They weren’t extraordinary per se but they stayed with me.

One particular time was a dinner invitation for me and my sister. We were called into dinner by the mother and entered a candlelight room, with a set dinner table and a perfectly plated meal. I felt like a very special guest. We ate dinner and conversated in the glow of the candlelight. Later I found out that she had done this nightly for her family and in my twelve-year-old mind, I found it almost magical. How could this be a regular thing for people? And yet for them, it was.

These experiences felt more like life lessons. As they were seeds being planted in my young mind. It was obvious to me that there needed to be someone exercising a level of care over a house in order for it to be what one might call a home. Believe it or not, there is a clear distinction between these two things.

This is where living beautifully comes in. It helps us create a home, to enjoy that home fully and find comfort within that space. 

What does living beautifully actually mean?

Well, for starters, it’s going beyond the basics of general housework and even veering a little away from practicality too. It’s about the extras if you will. The things one can do to live more joyfully within their space and even a little more luxuriously in it. Please don’t think that I mean luxury in high-end items and expensive surroundings.

No, the luxury I am talking about is almost a verb in my meaning. It is how we are doing things that change everything. Although I don’t want to discount things entirely, I do have some favorite finds that I have brought into my own space.

Today I want to share with you some helpful tips on how to live beautifully at home. To increase the joy there and give you a starting place for a well-lived home life.


Food is one of the best ways to enhance our home experience. There are a ton of very subtle touches that can create and enhance the dining-at-home experience. But not just the dining experience, even the whole kitchen and cooking scene too. Since this is such a lofty topic, let’s start there, inside the kitchen before the meal is even prepared.

Enhancing The Kitchen Experience

Filling our kitchens with wholesome, good-quality healthy food is the start of a good meal (IMO). We cook to eat yes, but we eat to nourish our bodies. How can we do this properly with TV dinners, or quick make-ahead meals filled with preservatives? The short answer is, we can’t. We are merely riding ourselves of the hunger aspect and little else. Because there is no nutritional value in these sorts of meals.

When we cook fresh, quality ingredients and create not only a flavorful meal but one that is healthy for our bodies we are caring for ourselves on a whole new level. Think of it as a form of self care. Make it a habit to stock your kitchen with fresh ingredients and if you have trouble coming up with meals to make, invest in a cookbook. They are a great resource and help get ideas flowing.

Dining At Home

One of the most overlooked and even underrated aspects of living beautifully at home is the dining experience. Many times I have heard people complain about the drudgery of cooking night after night and then there’s the dishes to wash after. I get it. If I looked at anything for the work aspect of it and not the pleasure, I would likely dredge it myself. The thing is, there is a payoff for this effort and that payoff is quite pleasurable. So why not write a new story around it?

Instead of focusing on the work of planning, cooking, and clean up. We focus on the meals we get to share, the new recipes we can try, and the beautiful memories we are creating. Remember, the dinner that changed me? Those people were having an experience, right inside their home. Whether they realized it or not. Those candlelit meals were special touches done by a woman who cared and went above the basics.

Set The Table

Setting the table means, setting the tone for the meal. It does not have to be formal at all but ensuring the whole family has cutlery, a drinking glass, a plate and if you want to go the extra mile, a cloth napkin. Eating on real dishes with a pretty cup goes a long way. Don’t wait for special occasions to do this. Instead, make an average Tuesday at home special by doing so. Even the simple act of lighting a candle or playing soft music in the background as you dine will enhance the meal.

 My daughter loves to have thoughtful conversations and hear personal life stories whenever possible. She wrote down a bunch of topics on squares of paper and placed them in a basket. She now brings this basket to the table when it’s set for dinner time. Her creative brilliance has led to great conversations over dinner that can work for romantic relationships or chatting with your children. 

Al Fresco Dining

In my post, 11 Small Practices for Daily Joy, I mention what an absolute treat it is to dine outside if you are able. Since we spend so much time at home, we eat the majority of our meals here. To switch things up it’s nice to take the meal outside on our side patio. The funny thing is, is that even though we are still home, it feels like we are out. Of course, I still set the table and create a nice ambiance around it just as I would inside.

If at all possible, create a small eating area outside your home and enjoy your meals out there when the weather is nice.


Our environments play a huge role in how we feel and our moods. It is almost a little crazy to think of how much we are affected by them. The great thing is, is that we can enhance them easily and do small practices that will bring forth a positive impact. Considering what could be enhanced and not from an interior designer perspective but from an energy standpoint. Here are a few things to help create a beautiful vibe.

Daily Music/Playlists

I love to play music throughout the day. I have my go-to’s that I know my daughter will remember. I have smooth jazz for cozy rainy days, Django Reinhardt for summertime magic, and 60s soul music for when it’s time to let my hair down on a Friday night. Music creates an environment in a way that I don’t think anything else can.

The moment someone steps into my home, they comment on it. Surprisingly, not everyone plays background music in their homes and if you are one of them, I am urging you to give it a try. You will be amazed at how powerful it can be.

Declutter/Tidy Up

Keeping a tidy home can be tricky but it is important for the overall environment of your home. If you could find little moments to go around and tidy things up. You will be happier for it. Clutter is also another big aspect of the home environment.

If you have a little home, clutter can be even more of an eyesore. But big or small, ensuring you do purges throughout the year to rid your home of items no longer needed will reduce the clutter in your space. Consider finding little daily moments to do a once over to help maintain a tidy home that feels good to be in. 

Be Mindful of What’s on TV

This might surprise you to see here, but honestly, this is a free and easy thing to do that can change the feeling in your home almost instantly. My parents are notorious news watchers, and I am telling you the moment you walk in there, you can hear the fearful comments and energy surrounding what’s being said on the TV. It’s almost like you can’t pay attention to anything else in the room. I understand people want to know what’s going on in the world.

However, we also need to live our lives and understand that we are exposing ourselves to terrors that create anxiety within us. Not to mention, news stations thrive on negative stories, the sensationalism is downright scandalous. This also goes for violent movies, shows with crude, negative stories, and so forth. And for goodness sake, don’t be tempted by reality TV as most of the time these are filled with negative, drama-ridden behavior that I realize can be fun to watch but bring in unnecessary negativity to our space.

Bringing People In

I realize this could or maybe even should have been mentioned in the above topic of dining. But we don’t have to bring people in just for meals. We can bring them in for game nights, movies in the backyard, coffee, swim parties, etc. So think outside the box a little. I know serving a meal at a dinner party can be overwhelming instead little gatherings can be fun and less intimidating.

Bringing people in is a great way to bring in good energy, enjoy your home more, and create fun memories right at home. Friends and family time is living beautifully and bringing them into your space only furthers the enjoyment of your home. This is one of my new year goals and I must say, just writing this makes me want to host one very soon. We just don’t do it often enough.

Life’s Little Luxuries

What would life be without its little luxuries? Probably not bad, but certainly not sublime. Little luxuries go beyond the basics, and even a bit further than what is practical. But that’s ok, that’s what makes them luxurious. One thing to note is that luxuries don’t necessarily come with a hefty price tag. Many luxuries are indulgent just based on their actual gestures of them. Be it a candlelit bath or shower or a fancy water glass to sip out of. These things don’t cost much and I have thrifted most of mine.

Luxury is as much about how something is done as it can be about a particular item we have. My goal in my home is to make my house feel like an Airbnb. I want the comforts to be there, the plush fabrics, pretty coffee mugs, and French roast coffee to fill them with. It’s about the small details and here are a few ways I like to bring this feeling into my home.


Lighting a candle at dinner, in the evening or when we shower or bathe. There is no denying the magic of a twinkling candle. It creates a bit of romance and if you have never lit a candle during a shower time or a bath, you are in for a treat. There is something remarkably indulgent about this practice. Keep candles on hand for regular use.


For the life of me, I can’t figure out why this one took me so long to implement in my own life. Wearing a nice set of loungewear or having a nice set of PJ’s to put on is a luxury that not only is enjoyable but it makes you feel more beautiful. Invest in a few pieces if you can. They make being home that much more enjoyable.


We stayed at an amazing little Airbnb a few years back. The house itself had a beautiful design and it was advertised as a Spanish hacienda with terracotta floors and was thoughtfully decorated with gorgeous photography taken locally. Although the house itself was a treat to stay in, what stood out the most were the details of the comforts that the host provided.

The plush white towels in the bathroom, the silky sheets, and the billowy comforter on the beds. It was so comfortable and every room we entered had something a little extra in it. Immediately after we came home, the first two things I purchased were better sheets, and towels for both my daughter and I. That’s when I decided from there on out, that my home should also feel like an Airbnb, or at least that is the first box I check in my homemaking. The question remains, what could be better? And I go from there.


Recently, I listened to a podcast that interviewed a wellness expert who spoke about clean living. She mentioned the power of scent and the importance of using natural scents over store-bought ones. I like to use a stovetop potpourri for a whole room scent. A nice fresh scent is inviting, and in some cases even calming. If you don’t like the idea of something simmering on the stovetop, try an essential oil diffuser, they work nicely. You can even go as far as having a signature home scent.

Final Thoughts

The personal growth that goes into beautifully living is a little astounding. I have found that the more I seek to live in a way that goes beyond the basics, the more I realize my standards for myself are heightened. I grow more refined and my skillset in all aspects of homemaking are equally so.

A home is a place intended to nurture and calm us. To shelter us from the outside world and if we cannot be the happiest here, we have some work to do.

There is a stage of building to this. But it starts when we ask the question, how can this be better?

This might just be a new chapter in your homemaking or perhaps you’ve been here for a while. Whatever the case might be, I hope this post has helped you gain some new ideas and considerations for your home.

Its well worth the effort.

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